Aselia Wiki
Appearance Tales of Vesperia
Race Entelexeia
Occupation Special Advisor of the Imperial Knights
Japanese Voice Actor Satomi Arai

Khroma (クローム Kuroomu?) is a character in Tales of Vesperia, who first appears after the group is arrested in Caer Bocram. She then appears with Alexei Dinoia when they tell the group they are pardoned from their crimes by Prince Ioder and Princess Estelle. She is the Special Adviser of the Imperial Knights and Alexei's personal assistant. However, with each time Khroma appears before the party without Alexei, she is shown to be a traitor to Alexei's cause as she hints to Yuri Lowell and the party that she wants Alexei stopped before his plans come to fruition.


Khroma first appears with Alexei in Heliord. She then appears later in the story, at the Weasand of Cados in her dragon form absorbing the concentrated aer, stabilizing it. Later she was seen again in her dragon form transporting Duke Pantarei in Yormgen after the group discovers it is in ruins. Khroma appears at the castle of the aer-ridden Zaphias before fighting Estelle, telling them that Alexei was ahead, and that she wanted him to be stopped. At Relewiese Hollow, it is revealed to the party that Khroma is one of the Entelexeia, although Yuri already suspected this beforehand.

Khroma transforms into her Entelexeia form, a dragon resembling a griffin, and battles with Yuri and the party to test their strength and resolve. As the party fights her, she loses and allows herself to be reborn as the Spirit of Wind, Sylph, named by Estelle. As Sylph, she explains the history behind Duke and the Great War. Sylph later appears during the story's final cutscenes, along with Undine, Efreet, and Gnome, who had previously existed as the Entelexia Belius, Phaeroh, and Gusios, respectively, and uses her powers alongside theirs to ultimately destroy the Adephagos.

When returning to the Hollow, Sylph reveals that she was the daughter of Elucifur, so her services for Duke were because she felt she needed to repay her debt.

Fighting Style[]

Khroma Dragon (ToV)

Khroma Dragon as she appears in Tales of Vesperia.

In her Entelexeia form, Khroma can summon boulders from the sky, summon projectiles that quickly home in on the targets, and slam the ground hard, with the latter of the three having a chance to inflict Paralysis on any party enemy nearby. She can also absorb the damage of Light-elemental artes.