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Appearance Tales of Symphonia
Race Half-elf

Kilia (キリア Kiria?) is a minor antagonist in Tales of Symphonia.


At some point prior to the protagonists' arrival in Palmacosta, Kilia disguised herself as Governor-General Dorr's daughter, whose death is never explained. She remains silent during most of her encounters until the group confronts Dorr about his recent actions in the prison below the Governor-General office. After Colette Brunel explains to Dorr that the goddess Martel will forgive him, regardless of his actions, Kilia breaks her silence and fatally stabs Dorr in the back, stating that Martel would never lend her aid to an "inferior human being".

The group is shocked, but Kilia assumes her true form and explains that she is a servant of Pronyma, as well as that she was merely assigned to observe the new human cultivation technique developed by Magnius. Kilia mocks Dorr's failure to notice that his real daughter was dead because he was too busy searching for a cure that does not exist in order to save Clara, his mutated wife. The group then fights Kilia and defeats her, but she manages to release Clara from the cell behind her before dying.

Fighting Style

In battle, Kilia carries a Dark element and Light weakness. She begins the fight by casting Acid Rain, lowering the party's defense. While Kilia's health is above half, she focuses on melee-oriented attacks, primarily her exclusive Spark Volt (スパークヴォルト?) move. When her health drops below half, however, tendrils sprout from her back and she acquires a long tail, all of which she uses to attack. During this latter half of the fight, she also gains access to Dark Sphere, typically targeting spellcasters with it.