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Kinah Artwork (ToM-ToC)
Game Tales of Mobile: Tales of Commons
Age 24
Height 168 cm
Weight 47 kg
Race Human
Occupation Kabuki Brigade Vice Captain
Weapon Sword-chain
Japanese Voice Actor Takeda Hana
Character Designer Yuu Shiina

Kinah (キーナ Kiina?) is a character in Tales of Mobile: Tales of Commons. She is the Vice Captain of the Kabuki Brigade (華皇旅団?), a group in search of the legendary treasure known as the "Happy Ring" (華皇輪?), a mirror that is comprised of the world's six elements. She is in love with Ferth and appears as a delicate woman with violet eyes and long blond hair. Like Ferth, she dons a black outfit and dark coat, though her attire, along with the handle of her weapon, has violet accents that mirror her eyes. She wears a pink belt around her waist and lace stockings beneath her thigh-high heeled boots. Her weapon is a sword that is capable of collapsing into a chain.


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