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The Kingdom of Alvanista (アルヴァニスタ王国 Aruvanisuta Oukoku?) is one of the major kingdoms of Aselia in Tales of Phantasia. Its capital is the City of Alvanista, and its boundaries include the entirety of the Alvanistan continent. It also has expeditionary forces in the continent where the town of Arlee is located.


The kingdom is a verdant land, covered in forests, rivers, and lakes. Its eastern portion is dominated by a long mountain range, where the Morlia Mineshaft can be found. Numerous small encampments and ports are scattered among the kingdom's trees and beaches. The continent is connected via bridges to the Kingdom of Euclid, the Kingdom of Midgards, and Freyland. Alvanista's capital, the City of Alvanista, is interestingly placed, not closer to the center of the continent, but on an island between the Euclidian and Alvanistan ones, connected by bridges between the two. The kingdom is where the elves make their home in the Elf Colony, and it also holds the manor of Arsia the woodcutter. The Ninja Village is hidden in the depths of Treantwood. In the region where the town of Arlee is located, the area is characterized by its darkness and snow. It is only accessible by sea or Techbird and is located at the southwest of the world map. There are mountain ranges to the kingdom's east and west.


  • City of Alvanista - The kingdom's capital and the city situated a bit farther from the center of Aselia. In the future timeline, the city is a battle front against Dhaos.
  • Elf Colony - A town comprised solely of elves, who separated from humans years ago. Perhaps the most famous characteristic of the town is the clean environment, which may attribute to the elves' longevity.
  • Ninja Village - A secluded village deep within Treantwood, north of the Elf Colony. The chief of the village is Ranzo Fujibayashi. In case he dies, his granddaughter, Suzu Fujibayashi, will become chief of the village. The village's specialty is Miso, and it is highly expensive because it is precious to the people living there.
  • Arlee - The only city of the southern continent; it was once a haven for miners.

Morlia Mineshaft[]

Morlia Mineshaft (ToP)

Morlia Mineshaft

The Morlia Mineshaft (モーリア坑道 Mooria Koudou?), also known as the Morlia Gallery, is a large, expansive dungeon that cuts deep in the center of the world. It is the leftover mine of the dwarves, and it is riddled with monsters and traps. To even enter, one must have a pass from the Alvanistan government. Many adventurers attempt to reach its deepest depths, but few make it. The path is scattered with people who question whether they have the resolve to venture further. All manner of tricks and traps lay in wait. From spikes that randomly appear, to doors that lead nowhere, and even jets of flame, the unwary will quickly fall prey to the damage from the traps alone. Fortunately, there is a staircase that runs down to the ninth floor with a break at the fourth, but both must be unlocked first.

After reaching the future, however, dwarven ruins are found past the ninth level, pushing farther into the Mineshaft. The ninth level becomes a base camp for the expedition into the further levels, complete with a resting place, as well as the Supply Shop for the military, who will sell supplies to the party, if asked. The newer levels are not as filled with traps as the first journey, but the monsters are among the toughest in the game, and upon entering, the party's Holy Bottles, which decrease enemy encounters, are immediately destroyed. The cursed miasma of Daemonium flows freely in some rooms, as it did in Lone Valley. It also brings opportunity; Claus F. Lester can contract the Spirits of Daemonium for summoning. The final level of the Morlia Mineshaft is the Dwarven Temple (ドワーフの神殿 Dowaafu no Shinden?). Originally, it was merely a room filled with treasure guarded by the Wyvern, but the Game Boy Advance release of the game expands it into another ten levels of dungeon, at the end of which rests the King of Daemonium, Pluto.

In the past of Tales of Phantasia, Cress Albane, Mint Adenade, Claus, and Arche Klein enter the Mineshaft in hopes of finding Pact Rings with which they can contract Spirits, as these rings are the work of dwarves. They obtain permission to do so from the Alvanistan royalty, as the place is under control of the Alvanistan military. After navigating the traps, they come across a room that requires the Four Elementals: Sylph, Undine, Efreet, and Gnome. The result summons the Spirit Maxwell, who challenges them to battle. Upon his defeat, he allows them access to the treasure room and also draws some power from the spear Gungnir.

Ymir Forest[]

Ymir Forest (ToP)

Ymir Forest

Ymir, Forest of Mirror Water (水鏡ユミルの森 Mizu Kagami Yumiru no Mori?) is the name of the large forest in which the Elf Colony hides. It is a beautiful place covered in clear, sparkling water. Wooden walkways and bridges are the only way to walk through the forest, but the trees themselves hide some paths from view. Ymir is the home to the Elf Colony. A guard at the entrance disallows those without permission to enter; at this point, Arche, a half-elf, is forbidden from entering the Elf Colony and must leave the party. At the entrance, if she is recruited, Suzu will ask if Cress wants a teleport to the Ninja Village hidden even deeper.

In the past timeline, after they find the broken pact rings in the Morlia Mineshaft, Edward D. Morrison directs the party to the Elf Colony in Ymir Forest for help in repairing them. Lundgrom gives them the Royal Crest of Alvanista in order to enter, but Arche is forbidden from entering due to her half-elf status.


Treantwood (ToP)


Treantwood (トレントの森 Torento no Mori?), which the elves also name Heimdall, is a sacred forest within Ymir Forest, past the Elf Colony. Much larger than its Ymir counterpart, it is a maze of similar passages surrounded by cliff walls that only allow exits and entrances in select sections. Wildlife blossoms freely from insects to small animals, and numerous ponds dot the place. In its depths hides the Black Stone and the Spirit Origin's home, as well as the Ninja Village.

In the past timeline, Brambert Milene, Lord of the Elves, takes the party within Treantwood to the Black Stone. The Black Stone has the power to revert things to their original form, so Brambert uses its power to return the broken pact rings to working condition. When Cress asks if the same can be done for a broken bow, Brambert says no but directs them to the Colony's bowsmith instead. The party eventually returns to Treantwood in the future in search of the Spirit Origin. After defeating him in combat and forming a pact, they ask him to forge the Eternal Sword, which has dominion over time and space and can pin Dhaos's Castle, which hides in time. Origin does so reluctantly, and the party gains a new weapon.

Cave of Darkness[]

The Cave of Darkness (闇の洞窟 Yami no Doukutsu?) is a cave to Arlee's east. Though the cave itself is very deep with what looks to be homes at the sides, the party can only explore a small space in the Super Famicom and Game Boy Advance versions of the game, while the other releases feature a large, dark labyrinth full of doors that require the manipulation of light and shadows to pass. While exploring their world's future, the party may come here to meet the Dark Spirit Shadow. Claus can form a pact with it because Shadow is angry that all of its dark friends are being controlled by Dhaos and wishes to free them.

Dhaos's Castle[]

Dhaos's Castle (ダオス城 Daosu-shiro?) is the final dungeon in Tales of Phantasia and the primary antagonist Dhaos's last stronghold. It is the reason for Arlee's perpetual darkness and hides within space-time, requiring the Eternal Sword to draw it from its cloak. It is accessible from what was formerly a mine to Arlee's west; the mine collapsed when Dhaos arrived in the future and is now guarded by Alvanistan soldiers. Dhaos's Castle is a large affair riddled with traps, mirror transports, and twisting, repeating corridors. The trap it is most known for, however, is a glyph that impedes progress right at the beginning; anyone who does not bear a Derris Emblem is sent instantly to the dungeon, where they must be gathered before pressing forward. The repeating rooms often require special paths and routes to navigate, and they are all populated by strong monsters. Even after these traps are evaded and worked though, the final route to Dhaos is a long staircase climb lasting several floors.

In the future timeline, the party heads to the mine's ruins after hearing that Dhaos's Castle can be accessed from there. The Eternal Sword both draws the castle out of its protection and then transports them to its entrance. The party make their way through the castle's traps to its heart, where Dhaos awaits them. Dhaos congratulates them on their strength and fortitude, but Mint interrupts the inevitable exchange of insults, asking what Dhaos previously meant when he stated that they did not have to fight. Dhaos tells them that they had no part in the development of magitech and thus could be spared, but he then reveals that the entire plot was to form a Mana Seed. Despite several rounds in which Dhaos grows increasingly more powerful and calls on his home world, Derris-Kharlan, for more strength, Dhaos is defeated once and for all. Before finally expiring, Dhaos reveals the motivations for his actions. The party then returns to the Forest of Spirits in order to mull over these revelations.