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The Kingdom of Fenrir (フェンリル王国 Fenriru-oukoku?) is one of the three powerful countries that governed over the world of Aselia during the period between Tales of Symphonia and Tales of Phantasia. It is destroyed by comet Samier's collision with the planet, and now all that remains are its relics and an ancient temple.


Fenrir is said to have been located in Aselia's northernmost region, where the continent of Friezkiel is now. Somewhat of a large island, it is encircled with a large mass of mountains, particularly to the south, while the inland area remains mostly flat and level. The only remnant of its once grand civilization is the Temple of Fenrir, dedicated to Fenrir's god and located in the city of Friezkiel. It houses the Cave of Ice in a secret entrance.


  • Friezkiel - Currently the only settlement on the snowy continent that once belonged to the doomed kingdom.

Cave of Ice[]

The Cave of Ice is located behind a sealed gate in the Temple of Fenrir, which is located in the northern part of Friezkiel. The temple itself can only be entered after a seal has been broken there and the entrance gate collapses. An elemental opposite to the Cave of Burning Sand, which yields the Tower of Flames, where the Flamberge can be found, here lies the Vorpal Sword, the flaming sword's icy counterpart. Within the cave is a light snow, and the rock faces are shielded in ice. In addition to monsters, some ninja from the Ninja Village can be found here. This cave, like the Cave of Burning Sand, is a remnant of the time before the comet Samier struck Aselia.

The protagonists are able to choose whether to venture here first or the Tower of Flames, as they require both the Vorpal Sword and Flamberge to forge the Eternal Sword of Origin. Before they enter, the guardian spirit known as Fen Beast warns them of the danger inside. Inside, they admire the enormous stained glass window of the former church, while Fen Beast informs them that she is the guardian of the legendary sword of ice and that death awaits those who profane the holy ground of the temple. The heroes, determined to finish what they have begun, proceed to the altar, where Fen Beast awaits. Explaining that the Vorpal Sword is the soul of her master Fenrir, she is wildly determined to protect it and fights against the group. After being conquered, Fen Beast recognizes that Cress Albane is worthy of the sword and presents it to him.


Fenrir was one of the world's superpowers at its height, alongside the Republic of Odin and Thor. Of the world's superpowers at the time, it was the only monarchy. It saw its last days under King Ralph I after war erupted on December 2 between it and Odin. Not long after Thor sank into the sea due to the comet Samier's impact, mysterious individuals appeared and ended the war by annihilating both parties. As with the other countries, it wielded an item that became known as one of the "Three Weapons", the components of the Eternal Sword: the ice blade Vorpal Sword, guarded by the Fen Beast in the Cave of Ice and said to contain the soul of the god Fenrir.


  • In Norse mythology, Fenrir is a monstrous wolf and one of Loki's three children who was chained by the Aesir, who feared his power. During the events of Ragnarok, Fenrir will break free and kill Odin, but he will then be killed by Vidarr, Odin's son.
  • When comparing the world maps of Tales of Phantasia and Tales of Symphonia, the region corresponds with the area that was once Flanoir, thousands of years in the past.