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Kingdom of Midgards
Game Tales of Phantasia
World Aselia
Capital City of Midgards

The Kingdom of Midgards (ミッドガルズ王国 Middogaruzu Oukoku?) is one of the major kingdoms of Aselia in Tales of Phantasia. Its capital is the City of Midgards, and its boundaries include the entirety of the Midgards continent.


The kingdom encompasses a wide swath of land to the northeast. Its continent is divided mainly in two, with the southern half dominated by mountain ranges, and the northern half covered by the Valhalla Plains. Midgards is the only city on the continent, located near the center and by a lake, but the Tower of the Zodiac is also located on its southern half.


Tower of the Zodiac

The Tower of the Zodiac (12星座の塔 12 Seiza no Tou?) is a large tower with murals containing images of the zodiac constellations and home to the Moon Spirit Luna. Every couple of floors features a puzzle in which a stone tablet decrees a type of song, and the door to continue will only unlock when the right song is played. In the past timeline, Claus F. Lester intends to head here to form a pact with Luna but finds the tower locked. The group then heads to Midgards, but the fairy Artemis steals away the Royal Crest of Alvanista that would allow them an audience with the king. Told to come to the Tower, they reach the top, whereupon they meet Luna. Luna returns the Crest that Artemis stole, and Claus asks for her power. Though Luna dislikes fighting, she agrees that the time to fight is now and forms a pact with Claus, apologizing to Artemis that she'll be leaving him alone.

Valhalla Plains

Valhalla Plains

The Valhalla Plains (ヴァルハラ平原 Varuhara Heigen?) is the name of the vast plains to Midgards's north. All plants here have a distinct icy tinge, and as the buffer between Midgards and Dhaos's Castle, it is the location of the Valhalla War. A long, protracted battle between the forces of the Kingdom of Midgards and Dhaos's monsters occurs here, but Cress's group forms a strike group that takes out the commander, Ishrantu, and helps retake the plains. Doing so allows them access to Dhaos's Castle and Dhaos himself.

White Birch Forest

White Birch Forest

White Birch Forest (白樺の森 Shirakaba no Mori?) is a special forest in Midgards's north. It is the location of the Unicorn (ユニコーン Yunikoon?), a special spirit associated with healing in Midgards's folklore. In the past, Mint Adenade heads here to seek the Unicorn's power in order to heal Yggdrasill. Meeting alone with her, the Unicorn accepts Mint's story and changes into the Unicorn Horn, a powerful staff that increases Mint's healing powers.

Dhaos's Castle

Dhaos's Castle (ダオス城 Daosu-shiro?) is Dhaos's stronghold in the past, from which he wages war with Midgards. Located at the very north of the Midgards continent, only accessible through a single bridge, the Kingdom of Midgards needs to control Valhalla Plains to reach it. Originally, Edward D. Morrison and his team came here to defeat Dhaos, but Cress's group's intervention requires them to now take Edward's place. The castle itself is filled with locked doors that require switches to be pressed to unlock, some of which need to be perpetually pushed, and others that need to be pressed simultaneously. Eventually, the group powers through to Dhaos himself, where they defeat him and force him to flee forward in time, much like Edward once did in the original timeline.