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Kisara (ToA).png
Appearance Tales of Arise
Hometown Viscint
Age 25
Height 172cm
Race Dahnan
Occupation Captain
Weapon •Shields (primary weapon)
•Mace (secondary weapon)
Japanese Voice Actor Haruna Ikezawa
English Voice Actor Katelyn Gault[1]

Kisara (キサラ Kisara?) is a playable character in Tales of Arise. She is a Dahnan soldier with the position of captain who serves Lord Dohalim il Qaras. One of the strongest in the Dahnan army, she is also highly regarded by the Renan soldiers. She fights with a heavy mace and tower shield.

Appearance and Personality

Kisara has long, blonde hair and amber eyes. She wears a black tightsuit and various pieces of white armor with golden borders strapped to her suit with brown belts. The bronze piece on her chestplate bears a lion's head.

Kisara is an earnest woman who dedicated her life as a guardsman because she believes in Dohalim's dream of coexistence. In the party, she takes care of the party members' needs, such as cooking and laundry. Apparently she was used to take care of little kids along with her older brother, Migal, when the Dahnans in Elde Menancia was still in slavery prior to Dohalim's rule.

Fighting Style

Kisara utilizes her mace and legs in combat with the focus on her shield. Her fighting style can be described as both aggressive and defensive due to her high attack power but also great prowess in defense. Kisara's unique ability is Guard Ignition, allowing her to guard instead of dodging. Certain artes can be used while guarding. Kisara can earn arte profiency in Shield Strike (盾撃?), Power Strike (重撃?), and Counter Strike.


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