Aselia Wiki
Appearance Tales of the Rays
Age 17 (physically - human form)
Height •27 cm (mirrite)
•168 cm (human)
Weight 63 kg (human)
Race Mirrite
Weapon •Sword (Arc 2)
•Double-ended Spear (Arc 3)
Japanese Voice Actor •Shino Shimoji (mirrite)
•Kouki Uchiyama (human)

Kocis (コーキス Kookisu?) is a character in Tales of the Rays and Ix Nieves's mirrite.


Tales of the Rays

During the search of Phillip Reston's mirrage in the Mirrist Temple, Kanonno Earhart persuades Ix Nieves to try and summon a mirrite of his own in order to speed up the search. Kocis is a mirrite that is the embodiment of Ix's powers. He provides information and support during Ix and Mileena Weiss's journey. Unlike Ix, who is careful and well-prepared, Kocis is very casual and his speaking tone informal. Ix often worries that Kocis might be a little bit too rude.

Mirrage Prison

When Ix's mirrage goes berserk and his powers increase enormously, Kocis is able to mature in proportion. Ix gives him the order "to protect Mileena" before being sealed away. After this, Kocis is following Mileena on her journey to discover a way to save Ix.

Fighting Style

During Mirrage Prison, gameplay-wise Kocis replaces Ix and the both share all equipment, including artes. When Kocis becomes his own playable character in Fairy's Requiem, separate from his master, Kocis's battle style changes and the mirrite fights with a double-ended spear. His artes are fast-paced attacks and can hit a variety of elements, allowing him to build long combos that don't allow his enemy to act very often.



  • His outfits in his adult form are a direct reflection of Ix's desired sense of style. Kocis claims the outfits, particularly his eyepatch, are "lame." He thinks Claus F. Lester looks cool due to his tattoos and hat.