Kor Meteor

Kor Meteor

Kor Meteor (CG)

Game Tales of Hearts
Hometown Seaville
Age 16
Height 5'6" / 167 cm
Weight 119 lbs / 54 kg
Race Organican
Weapon Soma (Sword)
Japanese Voice Actor Tetsuya Kakihara
Character Designer Mutsumi Inomata

Kor Meteor (シング・メテオライト Shingu Meteoraito?, "Shing Meteoryte") is the main character from Tales of Hearts. Kor lives with his grandfather Sydan Meteor in the town of Seaville. He is given the Soma Asteria (アステリア Asuteria?) by his grandfather, which takes the form of a sword that emerges from his bracer. His quest begins after finding Kohaku Hearts and her brother, Hisui Hearts, on the shore.


In the beginning of the story, Kor lives with Sydan and has successfully progressed in his training to be given his grandfather's Soma. When Sydan is called away to deal with a case of the disease despir, Kor comes across Kohaku Hearts, who had just fled from the witch Incarose while searching with her brother, Hisui Hearts, for Sydan. Kor leads Kohaku to where his mother's, Kardia Meteor's, Soma is sealed while meeting up with Hisui, only to be attacked by Incarose. Sydan is fatally wounded in the effort to save them, while Kohaku collapses when Incarose infests her with xerom. Kor attempts to strike Incarose down in anger, drawing her attention to him while she retreats. Now with time to regroup, Kor uses his powers as a Somatic to perform a Spiria Link and enter Kohaku's Spiria Nexus, where he meets the emerald-haired Lithia Spodumene at Kohaku's Spiria Core.

Kor then fends off attacking xeroms with a dark aura, which causes him to be to be thrown out of Kohaku's heart and her Spiria to be shattered. With her Spiria Core scattered over the world, Kohaku is an emotionless shell of her former self. Feeling guilty and wishing to see Kohaku's smile again, Kor resolves to go all over the world to retrieve Kohaku's Spiria. After Kor manages to retrieve all of Kohaku's Spiria, Kor discovers a depressing truth about himself: the creator of xerom, Creed Graphite, lies within his heart, and by succumbing to anger against Incarose, Creed is able to awaken. With time and reflection, Kor realizes that Creed is a dark mirror of him, someone he could have become if he didn't have the support of his friends. With the resolve and clarity gained from his realization that he loves the world, he leads the charging in stopping Creed's plan to absorb Organica's Spirias with Gardenia.

Appearance and Personality

Kor Avatar (PSN)

Avatar from PlayStation Network.

Kor is an easygoing and cheerful person, but his personality can turn serious each time one his friends, especially Kohaku, is in need. Kor is also a persistent person, as it is proven by his action to retrieve Kohaku's Spiria cores, which were scattered all over the world. He is also a selfless person when it comes to others. He does not care what happens to him as long his friends are safe. Due to his curiosity and personal inexperience, he lacks delicacy in his speech and conduct; he does, however, notice his mistakes and is able to properly reflect upon them. On the other hand, Kor is also prone to rage when others harm his friends, and he spends much of his journey mastering his darker emotions.

Fighting Style

Kor Cut-in (ToH)

Cut-in image for Tales of Hearts.

Kor's Soma is in the form of an extendable short sword, so he is a close-ranged fighter devoted to speed and combos. He is not a fragile character, but he does not have the same raw damage-dealing potential as Ines Lorenzen or Kunzite. As a rarity for Tales male protagonists, Kor's artes are primarily of the Light and Lightning elements, with a few Fire artes.


Kor Cut-in (ToH-R) 1.jpg
First cut-in image for Tales of Hearts R. 
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Second cut-in image for Tales of Hearts R. 
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Status image in Tales of VS. 
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Cut-in image for Tales of VS. 
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Artwork for Tales of Link. 


  • Developer statements on the Tales of Hearts development blog state that Kor's Japanese name derives from "shingu" (心具?), composed of two kanji characters that refer to "heart" and "tool". This is reflected in his localized name, which is derived from the Latin word for "heart": cor.
  • Kor is the only protagonist within Tales of Hearts whose name does not relate to a mineral stone. Rather, his last name refers to meteors and meteorites, which drop into the atmosphere from outer space.
  • Kor is the only character to wield a Soma that is not an evolution of his own. In Tales of Hearts R, he can be given Tekt Tourmaline's broken Soma to be used as his own.