Aselia Wiki
Appearance Tales of Hearts
Race Organican
Occupation Colonel of the Maximus Empire
Weapon Dual axes
Japanese Voice Actor Kouzo Shioya

Kornerupine (コーネルピン?) is a minor antagonist in Tales of Hearts. He is a colonel of the Maximus Empire who seeks to weaponize despir for the purpose of conquest.

Appearance and Personality

Kornerupine is an obese man with short, blonde hair and glasses. He wears the traditional Maximus imperial army clothes.

Kornerupine has a severe superiority complex revolving around his genius. Kornerupine is shown to be sadistic, studying and manipulating his own soldiers' emotions for his own benefit.

Fighting Style

Kornerupine fights using an axe in each hand. Having been infused with Kohaku Hearts's Spiria shard of anger and xerom's power, Konerupine's strikes are both wild and powerful.