Aselia Wiki
Appearance Tales of Symphonia
Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World
Residences Hakonesia Peak
Race Human
Occupation Collector

Koton is a collector that lives on Hakonesia Peak. He is a selfish man who only cares for his collection. He hates talking with men and only agrees to talk to cute girls or people who can help him obtain more items for his collection.


Tales of Symphonia

The party tries to request for Koton's assistance to obtain a pass that would let them cross Hakonesia Peak. However, Koton sets the outrageous sum of 100,000,000 Gald for the pass. After they refuse, Koton tells them that the Palmacosta travel agency can help them, if they subscribe to pass as pilgrims heading for Asgard. Before they leave, Colette Brunel notices a book with angelical language written on it. Koton remarks that the book is his latest addition to his collection. It is known as the Book of Regeneration, and it has lore on the legend of Spiritua. Koton then states with satisfaction that the book was given to him by the Chosen.

The truth is that the group which is passing off as the Chosen's group tricked the people at Palmacosta into giving them the book, so they could sell it to Koton. However, Raine Sage warns the group not to pursue the matter, or else they will come across as the impostors themselves. Koton agrees to let Raine and Colette read the book if they bring Koton the Spiritua Statue of the House of Salvation. After obtaining the Spiritua Statue, Koton upholds his end of the deal, and he allows Colette to read the book. From the pieces that she can actually read, the party finds the locations for the two last seals. Koton also has in his possession the final Devil's Arm that the party can acquire, the "Heart of Chaos", which is Raine's staff weapon. Koton only parts with it after Raine shows him a valuable relic she had kept, stating that this item "has too much memories". Koton then agrees to trade the relic for the weapon.

Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World

Koton has a minor role as part of the Richter Abend's sidequest. In the first event of this series, Emil Castagnier and Marta Lualdi enter Koton's house, where Koton tells them to go away. He also mentions that he is waiting for Richter, which piques Emil's interest. Koton does not respond to Emil's curiosity, but when Marta asks him, he says that Richter asked him to hand over the Spiritual Tome Koton had in his collection. Koton states that he will part with it only if Richter gives him a Tower of Mana Mirror and the Balacruf Tombstone. When they try to ask what is the Spiritual Tome, Koton loses his patience and kicks them out of his presence.

In a later part of the same sidequest, Emil notices Richter entering Koton's house. If he decides to enter, he dissuades Marta to accompany him inside, and Tenebrae lies by telling her that Emil has a surprise to her. After entering, Emil sees Richter handing over the Tower of Mana Mirror to Koton. Emil interrupts them and asks Richter if the Spiritual Tome has anything to do with Ratatosk, to which Richter replies that there are no direct connections. Emil then decides to accompany Richter, and Richter eventually tells him that if he wants to help, he has to go to Asgard, and to go without Marta, or he will kill her. Emil agrees to this and leaves to return to the party.