Kouhajin (光波刃?, "Light Wave Blade") and Kouhajin (紅破刃?, "Crimson Rend Blade") are variations of the Azure Edge arte.

Arte Description and History

Both of these artes involve launching a blast of energy that travels a short distance. The first, "Kouhajin" (光波刃?), is written with the kanji for "light" ( kou?) and fires a blast of light and is also Light-elemental. It is used by Ange Serena from Tales of Innocence. The second, "Kouhajin" (紅破刃?), is written with the kanji for "crimson" ( kou?) and launches a blast of fire. It is used by Dio's Samurai costumes in Tales of Phantasia: Narikiri Dungeon X.

Appearances (Kouhajin [光波刃])

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Appearances (Kouhajin [紅破刃])

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