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The Krityans (クリティア族 Kuritia-zoku?, "Kritya Tribe"), also known as the Kritya, are a race who were originally the ancient Geraios Civilization in Tales of Vesperia, as well as the creators of the blastia. One of the party members, Judith, is a Krityan.


Krityans are characterized by their long, blue ponytails, along with their pointed ears that make them stand out among humans. Judith refers to them as easygoing, unafraid, and optimistic. Krityans are able to communicate telepathically with the Entelexeia and reveal history of particular objects during a process known as "nageeg" (ナギーグ Nagiigu?). Referred to as "sages" in the past, they created Hermes blastia.

Krityans first developed blastia on Terca Lumireis during the period of the Geraios Civilization. This technology granted humanity numerous blessings, but also blighted the aer, lifeblood of the world. Due to the development of blastia, the hunting of Entelexeia, needed to produce blastia through apatheia, and environmental decline of aer, a large mass of aer threatened to engulf the planet. The pillar of aer became known as a cataclysm, and as the people began to panic, they soon gave a name to the cataclysm: Adephagos.

The world united to challenge the Adephagos and banished the power which created it. By hearing the world's prayers, life faded from the "Child of the Full Moon", and their power was used to create Zaude, as well as large barrier blastia to protect the world from the Adephagos. After the sealing of the Adephagos, the Krityans' ancestors abandoned blastia and severed their ties with the rest of the planet. By lifting Myorzo with the aid of the Entelexeia Krones, the city now resides in the sky.


  • In Tales of Berseria, one of the areas in the Outer Seas that can be explored using the Expedition feature is called the "Krityan Archiplelago".
  • The name Kritya is taken from the Sanskrit word कृत्य meaning to make or perform. A rather ironic name in comparison to their lackadaisical nature.