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Krones (ToV).jpg
Appearance Tales of Vesperia
Race Entelexeia
Occupation Master of Myorzo

Krones (クローネス Kuroonesu?) is an Entelexeia who houses Myorzo, home of the Krityans, in Tales of Vesperia. Krones is an extremely large Entelexia, easily able to fit both Myorzo and Ba'ul inside him. He resembles a giant jellyfish and constantly flies across Terca Lumireis's skies.


At some point in time, Myorzo was absorbed by Krones in order to isolate it from the blastia-using world. Since most of the Krityan population lives there, Krityans are scarce on the surface. After Yuri Lowell and his companions obtain the "Guide Bell" to Myorzo and disable the blastia in Egothor Forest, they travel on Ba'ul to Myorzo, where the population vaguely remembers Judith. They speak with the Elder to learn about Estelle's destiny as a "Child of the Full Moon", discovering that she is an omen to the end of the world.