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Kuchinawa Azumi
Kuchinawa Model.png
Appearance Tales of Symphonia
Hometown Mizuho
Race Human
Weapon Kunai, Shuriken

Kuchinawa Azumi (安積 くちなわ Azumi Kuchinawa?) is a minor antagonist in Tales of Symphonia and Orochi Azumi's younger brother.



Twelve years prior to the storyline, Kuchinawa's parents followed Sheena Fujibayashi when she was going to make a pact with the Summon Spirit Volt. However, his parents were killed when Sheena failed to make the pact, leaving him and his older brother Orochi as orphans. Throughout the years, while Orochi moved on, Kuchinawa could not let go of his bitter feelings toward Sheena, and eventually came to the conclusion that she did not bother to try her best at forming the pact, thus gaining a strong hatred for her. At some point, he made a deal with the Pope of Tethe'alla so that he could avenge his parents and the other villagers that were killed.


Kuchinawa meets Sheena together with Lloyd Irving and the rest of the group in Meltokio. Kuchinawa was carrying out a secret mission from the vice-chief Tiga to act as a liaison to the Elemental Research Laboratory in Meltokio. Seeing that Sheena failed to kill the Chosen of Sylvarant, Colette Brunel, his secret hatred toward her raises. After giving the group the Elemental Cargo at Grand Tethe'alla Bridge so that they could get to Sybak and ultimately giving to Sheena a good luck charm. Kuchinawa is not seen again for a long time until the events at the Otherworldly Gate alongside with the Papal Knights. In the gate, he reveals his connections to the Pope of Tethe'alla and Vharley, as well as his hatred for Sheena. After explaining why he betrayed Mizuho, Sheena offers him her sacrifice, which he accepts. However, just then the Otherworldly Gate gets activated, and the party is transported back to Sylvarant, leaving Kuchinawa and the Papal Knights behind.

Settling the Score

Later, in Altamira, Kuchinawa returns to save Vharley from the party and escapes successfully. In Disc 2, Kuchinawa takes a piece of information to help heal Colette from the effects of the Cruxis Crystal, and challenges Sheena to a final battle to settle everything. While the party is on their way, Kuchinawa informs Mizuho that he will leave the village, as only traitors leave the village. He then goes to the Isle of Decision, where scores in Mizuho are settled and waits for Sheena and the watcher Lloyd. After the battle, Kuchinawa's actions depend on whether Sheena wins or loses. If she loses, Kuchinawa gets angry at Sheena, as he still does not feel like he has gotten his revenge, and then gives Corrine's bell back to Sheena before leaving. If Sheena wins, Kuchinawa will try to kill himself, but is stopped. In the end, Sheena and Orochi hope he will return to Mizuho in the future.

Appearance and Personality

The first time meeting Kuchinawa, he shows a rather formal and neutral personality, helping Sheena and the rest of the party. However, later on, he shows more of his real bitter self, hating Sheena for her failures. He takes the law of Mizuho seriously, and has a great pride as a ninja, following old rules and traditions.

Fighting Style

Except for having the ability to disappear in smoke in scenes, it is possible to battle Kuchinawa after obtaining the "Zircon" in Sybak. When the party enters Mizuho after this scene, regardless when, Sheena will fight against Kuchinawa alone. Kuchinawa fights using a short sword and shuriken, usually charged with the Fire and Lightning-elemental attributes. His only named arte is Raiden, and he shouts "Manjushage" when throwing fire-covered shuriken, both artes which Suzu Fujibayashi, the original ninja of the Tales series, can use. He can also slam into the ground to perform a fiery shockwave.