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Kurogane (ToB).png
Appearance Tales of Berseria
Race •Human (formerly)
Daemon (currently)
Occupation Blacksmith
Weapon Stormquell
Japanese Voice Actor Shinpachi Tsuji
English Voice Actor Kaiji Tang[1]

Kurogane (クロガネ?) is a supporting character in Tales of Berseria. He is a blacksmith who became a daemon long ago in his relentlessness to create a blade that can best the powerful Stormhowl. Each sword incarnation he creates is dubbed Stormquell (征嵐 Seiran?).


Since becoming a daemon, Kurogane is nothing more than a suit of armor with no physical body. The group hears rumors circulating about him in the Brigid Ravine, where he is said to ambush swordsmen and break their blades, earning the title of "Swordbreaker" (刀斬り Kanatagiri?). He confronts the group and forces them into battle but flees after losing. He is soon after seen in the Vester Tunnels with Shigure Rangetsu, who fights his younger brother, Rokurou Rangetsu and leaves him defeated. Shigure informs the group that he will be waiting at Port Cadnix, and that they will not be getting off the island without defeating him first.

Kurogane then leads the group to a place in the tunnels where he lives, forever forging new blades in hopes that one will be capable of overpowering Stormhowl, which Shigure holds in his possession. Agreeing to help Rokurou forge such a blade, he accompanies the group on the Van Eltia and thereafter becomes a member of the crew, eventually settling at their base, Titania. After the blade he forges from his head proves unsuccessful, Kurogane ultimately opts to forge himself into a blade for Rokurou.

After finally defeating Shigure, Rokurou officially dubs him "Kurogane Stormquell" (クロガネ征嵐?).


  • Kurogane (黒鋼?) is a Japanese word meaning "black steel", a fitting name for a blacksmith.