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Kurt Bessel
Kurt Bessel (ToCE).png
Appearance Tales of Graces
Hometown Zavhert
Age 40
Race Human
Occupation Military Official
Weapon Dual Bayonets
Japanese Voice Actor Ryuzo Ishino
English Voice Actor Richard Epcar[1]

Kurt Bessel (カーツ・ベッセル Kaatsu Besseru?, "Kurtz Bessel") is a minor antagonist in Tales of Graces.


Kurt once worked with Malik Caesar in Fendel, heading a reform organization against the country's ruler, Chancellor Eigen. When the reformation failed and Lorelia, the Chancellor's daughter and a mutual friend of Kurt and Malik's, died, Malik made the decision to flee to Windor, while Kurt remained behind and continued on with his duties in the military, eventually proceeding with the revolution by acting through force. He works in tandem with the Amarcian Fourier in extracting eleth from the valkines cryas of Fendel, Forbrannir, which is later revealed to be quite dangerous, since extracting too much eleth from Fendel's valkines cryas will result in an unstoppable chain reaction that will cause it to explode, destroying much of Fendel.

After being told by Fourier that Kurt knows where Forbrannir is located, Asbel Lhant, Malik, and the rest of the group, who are trying find the valkines cryas in order stop Richard from extracting all of its eleth, head to Fendel Tower, where Kurt's office is. After heading into Kurt's office and discovering that Forbrannir is located in the Fendel Glacier Ruins, Kurt arrives back in his office and is surprised to see Malik again.

After learning from Kurt that he is in charge of the valkines experiment, Malik and Pascal, Fourier's younger sister and the one whose old research is being used by Fourier to extract eleth from the valkines cryas, ask Kurt to stop the experiment, warning him what will happen if he goes through with the experiment. Kurt refuses to do so, stating that they have extensive modifications to Fourier's research and have accounted for every possible outcome. He also tells the group that if the experiment is halted, then Fendel's citizens will continue to suffer and they would be forced to invade other countries. He then tells Malik and the others to leave, or he will call the guards, telling Malik that they have both chosen different paths.

Cut-in image for Tales of Graces.

Kurt is later seen, along with Chancellor Eigen, at Forbrannir, preparing to extract eleth from the valkines cryas. When Eigen orders Kurt's team to increase the power, they are interrupted by Malik and the others. Malik asks him again to stop the experiment, but Kurt refuses and attacks the group. After being defeated, Kurt states that Malik has grown stronger since they last saw each other. Just then, everyone notices that Forbrannir is beginning the chain reaction that Pascal warned about, which was caused when Eigen ordered one of the scientists to increase the extraction output to maximum.

Realizing what will happen, Kurt orders the the extraction machine to be shut down, only to be told that they are unable to stop it. After hearing from Pascal that the only way to stop the chain reaction is to destroy the main outflow pipe, Kurt plunges one of his bayonets into the pipe, stopping the chain reaction, but is gravely electrocuted in the process. Cheria Barnes attempts to heal him, but this only works long enough for Kurt to ask Pascal to complete her research and find a way to control the valkines in order to save both Fendel and its people. Before dying, he then tells Malik to continue the revolution in his place and do whatever it takes to save Fendel.

Fighting Style

In each of his hands, Kurt holds a modified bayonet he wields with versatility, similar to spear-wielding fighters. His artes are all original, and consist of short-ranged attacks. His mystic arte is known as Devil's Bayonet, where he uses the full potential of his weapons.