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Kyogen (ToR).png
Game Tales of Rebirth
World Calegia
Region Eastern Continent

Kyogen, the Elegant Palace (風雅宮キョグエン Fuugamiya Kyoguen?) is a city located in the middle of Calegia's eastern continent in Tales of Rebirth.


Kyogen is a beautiful, Japanese-themed city positioned high in the mountainous region of the continent. The only means of reaching the town from the southern half of the continent is by the Great Pokunan Bridge, whereas the northern half of the continent is comprised of a snowy and mountainous terrain. Somewhere in the city resides a large stone statue, which supposedly took the town's craftsmen over 1,000 years to carve.



Due to its seclusion, Kyogen is relatively unaware of the racial strife in the world, and its residents are typically wealthy. The city's tranquil nature and beautiful scenery make it a popular tourist spot despite its isolated location. The Huma merchant Wan Gin (ワン・ギン?) lives here and frequently hosts auctions, attracting equally wealthy merchants from outside. As a result of these individuals traveling to Kyogen and carrying a large amount of money with them, bandits are not uncommon, so bodyguards are usually hired to protect the merchants.

Role in the Plot

When the group first visits Kyogen, it is in search of the "Garden of Illusion", where they hope to find the next Sacred Beast. In the city, the group reunites with the adventurer Frantz, who explains that the Garden of Illusions is also one of the Seven Great Illusions. Frantz suggests the group consult with Wan Gin, a wealthy merchant who lives in the city and is referred to as the city's leader despite his conniving ways. The group agrees to act as bodyguards for Wan Gin's customers in exchange for information on the Garden of Illusion. However, this event goes awry when Claire Bennett, who is actually Agarte Lindblum in Claire's body, is taken hostage by Wan Gin's men.

Inside the room to which she is confined, Agarte realizes that Claire, who is occupying her body, is in the next room with a couple of other women being held hostage. The two have a brief conversation, Claire unaware of to whom is speaking, before Zapie senses Claire's presences and visits her in the room. He then delivers a letter she writes to Veigue Lungberg, who storms the building with the others, only to find Agarte missing. Realizing she has been taken to the nearby Kyogen Hostel, the group makes their way there to rescue her, while the real Claire is sold to Scarab and sent to Belsas.