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The Labyrinth of Memories is an EX Dungeon of Tales of Vesperia, an optional dungeon of a particularly hard difficulty that features bonus bosses and rare items.


The Labyrinth of Memories is a special location that features segments from every city and dungeon within the game. The labyrinth comprises several stages that the player must go through, and most of them are guarded by a "Memory" version from every boss previously faced in the game. Also, not all paths through the dungeon are created equal; some lead to bosses, while others do not.

The objective of the dungeon is to get to the last area of the labyrinth and defeat the Traitor to Heaven. To do so, the player will need to collect 15 Fake Gald to get through the final portal, otherwise they will transported to the entrance and be forced to begin all over again. Fake Gald is earned randomly from bosses or randomly found in chests. Defeating the Traitor to Heaven in the Labyrinth of Memories rewards the group with the final "Letter of Challenge" needed to participate in the "200-Man-Melee" tournament, in which he is the last cameo challenger.