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Laguna Ruins
Game Tales of Destiny 2
World Er'ther Lands
Country Seinegald
Region Northern Hemisphere

The Laguna Ruins (ラグナ遺跡?) are a location in Tales of Destiny 2. They are the remnants of the aeropolis Cloudius, having fallen to the Er'ther Lands and been overcome with greenery.


Following the Aethersphere's destruction at the end of the original Tales of Destiny, the heavenly aeropolis cities were plunged to the earth below, many of them falling victim to the sea. Cloudius, however, landed near Cresta and became nothing more than a broken infrastructure with some functioning technology in tact, albeit engulfed in nature. Kyle and Loni Dunamis venture here upon hearing the rumor of a large Lens in the fallen facility spotted by the Order of Atamoni, of which Loni is a member.

Believing it to be worth a whopping three million Gald, the boys make their way to ruins despite being told not to by Kyle's mother, Rutee Katrea. Upon entering the ruins, the boys hide to avoid being spotted by Order of Atamoni members who have come in search of the Lens themselves. Kyle and Loni navigate through the crumbling jungle and eventually make their way to the final area, a large tree yielding the rumored Lens. It is then that Kyle notices a girl inside the Lens and opts to touch it, causing it to shatter.

The girl then emerges to claim she is in search of a hero, which Kyle quickly responds to her he is. However, the girl replies that he is not the hero she is looking for and leaves, prompting Kyle and Loni to follow. In their pursuit, they are halted by the Order of Atamoni members from earlier, who now believe the boys are responsible for the Lens's disappearance. They overpower them, then arrest and imprison them in the former capital Darilsheid.