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Appearance Tales of Zestiria
Height 5'8" / 172 cm
Race Seraph
Occupation Prime Lord
Weapon Paper
Japanese Voice Actor •Miyu Matsuki (2015)
•Noriko Shitaya (2016-present; ToZtX onward)
English Voice Actor Carrie Keranen[1]
Character Designer Mutsumi Inomata

Lailah (ライラ Raira?) is a Fire seraph in Tales of Zestiria. She has been living in the Sacred Blade for a long time, waiting for a new Shepherd to appear. During the events of the story, Lailah forms a Prime Lord (主神 Shushin?)'s contract with Sorey and guides him through his quest to quell the Lord of Calamity. Her true name is Fethmus Mioma (フォエス=メイマ Foesu Meima?), meaning "Lailah the Pure".

Appearance and Personality[]

Lailah Status (ToZ)

Status image in Tales of Zestiria.

Lailah has long silver hair with hints of green and red that is tied back in a high ponytail behind a red and gold headband. She has green eyes and wears a long-sleeved, red, white, black, and lavender dress. She wears red and white heels with ribbons that wrap around her legs. Her shoes and dress are decorated with green gems.

Personality-wise, Lailah is steadfast and serious, but compassionate as well, warning Sorey to carefully consider his choice of becoming a Shepherd before accepting such a burden. However, she also demonstrates a whimsical side, as she has a knack for making puns and can be overdramatic.

Usually, this side of her personality comes out due to her oath with herself, which forbids her from talking about Maotelus or the previous Shepherd. She can also be a bit fixated and excited when dealing with enemies that can curl up like a ball, such as the armadillo hellions. In addition, she has high expectations about it and dreams of meeting the greatest curlist, Arma Dylan. Lailah also has a tendency to place an emphasis on propriety, as she warns Sorey to keep his purity intact; chastises Rose for using what she interprets as a euphemism; and complains, at length, about Zaveid's shirtlessness and womanizing.

Fighting Style[]

Lailah Cut-in (ToZ)

Cut-in image for Tales of Zestiria.

Lailah uses divine Fire-elemental artes in battle by channeling her spirit power into paper, which represents Fire's dominance over Wind. She is able to perform attacks that are both long- or close-ranged, and she has the highest arte defense among the cast of playable characters. Lailah's artes tend to have a slight delay in their activation when she lights the paper on fire, and as such, she can be left vulnerable if the target is not regularly being kept off balance, which can work against her since she has low defense.

Lailah (ToAsteria)

Artwork for Tales of Asteria.

She also has difficulty hitting smaller enemies such as Leech hellions. It should be noted that, depending on the terrain on which she is fighting, Lailah's attacks can miss if she is positioned higher or lower than the enemy; therefore, it is advisable that she fight on even ground as much as possible. Despite the disadvantage, Lailah's artes have a large radius and can affect nearby enemies if they happen to flock or when she is surrounded. Her seraphic artes can remedy her cons since they are capable of hitting multiple enemies if they happen to be close by, regardless of height.

Lailah has two mystic artes: Concerto Infernus and Primal Embrace. When armatized with Sorey or Rose, she gains a third one, Flamberge. As part of the game's pre-order bonuses, Lailah can also acquire Silent Apocalypse, which can be used when certain hit counts are gained and if she has enough BG to execute it. Silent Apocalypse originates from Tales of Innocence R as the mystic arte for Kongwai Tao.

Appearances in Other Media[]

Tales of Crestoria[]

Lailah is a seraph guarding the sword of legend, awaiting the arrival of the Shepherd. Having been left waiting for so long, her faith has begun to waver.

The Maiden & the Holy Sword[]

While visiting a lake, Lailah encounters Philia Felice, a traveler with the power to see the seraphim, and the Swordian Clemente. In her excitement, Lailah mistakes Philia for the Shepherd, wishing immediately to bestow the legendary sword to her. However, Philia insists against the idea, stating that she is a Swordian Master. Philia asks Lailah about the local town mentioned in her text, as she had been searching for the Shepherd, but Lailah explains that it had perished several hundred years ago. Philia struggles with this truth, having read that the city had been protected by its Shepherd, but Lailah explains that the Shepherd did not appear in its time of need, resulting in its destruction. Within the city's ruins, a sword of legend that can only be pulled by the Shepherd remains, and Lailah has taken it upon herself to guard it until the Shepherd arrives, along with the souls of the town's inhabitants.

Wishing to help Lailah, Philia spreads word of the legendary sword and gathers a small group of men to attempt to remove the blade. While appreciative of Philia's efforts, Lailah doubts the qualifications of the men who are unable to see her. After the men fail in their attempt, Bruiser Khang, Philia's self-appointed bodyguard, also attempts in vain to withdraw the blade.

Philia tries again and again to find the Shepherd, but every group she brings to the ruins are unable to pull the sword. Despite both Philia's and Clemente's determination, Lailah advises that the search for the Shepherd be forgotten altogether, as she herself has begun to doubt the Shepherd's very existence after so many years of disappointment. Philia and Clemente encourage Lailah's wish, believing that she will be able to meet the Shepherd one day, giving hope to the seraph.

Bruiser arrives and informs Philia of a surge in the monster population that has made the nearby towns anxious. Lailah and the others are forced to contend with the growing danger, and find that many monsters have appeared near the ruins of the sword of legend. Sensing something amiss in the ruins, Lailah, Philia, and Clemente, return to the sword while Bruiser fends off the monster attack. Upon their arrival, they find a group of men attempting to destroy the sword. Philia tries to dissuade them, however the towns have come to believe that the sword is cursed, and that it is the reason for the increased monster activity. Lailah consents to the idea, recalling her inability to do anything as monsters slaughtered the inhabitants of the now ruined city, as well as her centuries long pining for the Shepherd to arrive. In despair, Lailah breaks down in tears, no longer able to believe that the Shepherd will come. Philia attempts once more to encourage the seraph, telling her of Clemente's saying "if you never stop wishing for something, eventually it will come true." Due to Clemente's experience with destiny, Philia takes this advice to heart, and assures Lailah that the Shepherd will come.

Monsters storm into the ruins, and the villagers are prepared to destroy the sword of legend once and for all. Philia argues that the blade is a sacred symbol, meant to protect and not destroy. In response to her words, the sword of legend emits a glow, and Lailah tells her to take the blade. Philia successfully pulls it from its pedestal, and, with Lailah, is able to defeat the monsters.

Sometime later, Lailah departs from the ruins alongside Philia, who is keeping custody of the sword of legend. Philia continues to insist that she is not the Shepherd, and Clemente explains that Philia was able to draw the sword at that time due to her power as a Swordian Master resonating with the souls resting within the ruins. Though Lailah is disappointed, Philia assures her that she will locate the true Shepherd. Lailah begins to feel excitement for the journey ahead, recalling that she had not seen the outside world in hundreds of years, and yearning to sightsee and eat her way through the towns the team will visit. Philia, Lailah, Clemente, and Bruiser begin their journey to find the Shepherd.


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Lailah (ToLink)

Artwork for Tales of Link.

  • Lailah's martial artes in the Japanese release have their names based on arts, such as music, poetry, and dance.
  • Lailah is exceptionally informative about most hellions, mutant hellions, and their origins; in addition, giving out clues on how to defeat them. However, she does not know every hellion in the world.
  • Lailah was one of the last roles for Miyu Matsuki, who passed away on October 27, 2015, after a battle with lymphoma. Noriko Shitaya took over voicing Lailah in all subsequent appearances, such as in Tales of Zestiria the X, Tales of Asteria, and Tales of the Rays.
  • In her artwork, Lailah uses the Antique Paper, which appears as her default weapon in her crossover appearances.


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