Aselia Wiki
Lake Umacy
Game Tales of Symphonia
World Sylvarant
Region Northeastern Continent

Lake Umacy is a lake hidden within a forest on the Asgardian continent in Tales of Symphonia. It is where the group obtains the legendary "Unicorn Horn" that has the power to heal.


Lloyd Irving and his companions first journey to Lake Umacy by coincidence and discover a unicorn at the bottom of the lake. After attempting to determine a way to reach the creature, they ultimately realize they are unable to do so. If Sheena Fujibayashi is not with the group at this time, Genis Sage will tell Lloyd that it is impossible for them to reach and help the unicorn. When Sheena is part of the group, after destroying the Asgard Human Ranch, Raine Sage will mention that the unicorn horn is a valuable item needed in order to heal Pietro in Hima. Doubting they can bring the unicorn to the surface, Sheena suggests they make a pact with a Summon Spirit.

Although Raine states that summoning is a lost art in Sylvarant, Sheena claims that if she makes a pact with Undine, she can summon her to aid them. They then decide to travel to the Thoda Geyser again to form a pact with Undine. After obtaining Undine, the group returns and frees the unicorn. When freed, they decide to approach it. However, it is said only a pure maiden may approach the unicorn. As such, only Colette Brunel and Sheena go, with Raine stating that she cannot because she is an adult. The unicorn mistakes Colette for Martel and claims that Colette is the one who could truly be the savior of the world. The unicorn then gives its horn, and as they accept it, the unicorn fades away, explaining that their horns are their very lives and they die without it.

However, it tells them not to fear, as a new unicorn will be born in its place. When the girls return, Sheena becomes angry at Raine and Kratos Aurion for knowing that the unicorn would die but not saying anything. However, Raine tells them how a unicorn is born when one dies, and as such, they are the symbol of death and rebirth. The girls give the unicorn horn to Raine, who, upon possessing the Boltzman's Book as well, learns Resurrection.