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The Lance of Kresnik as it appears in Tales of Xillia.

The Lance of Kresnik (クルスニクの槍 Kurusuniku no Yari?, "Spear of Kresnik") is a powerful spyrix superweapon in Tales of Xillia developed by Gilandor Yul Svent through the permission of Nachtigal I. Fenn, the king of Rashugal. The weapon yields the power to destroy spirits en masse, prompting Milla Maxwell to make it her mission to find and destroy it.


The Death of Spirits

At the beginning of the story, Milla senses the spirits dying and leaves her shrine near the village of Nia Khera in order to seek it out. This leads her to the Rashugal capital of Fennmont, where she discovers the weapon in the Laforte Research Center. Accompanied by Jude Mathis, who stumbles upon Milla by chance, the two defeat a mysterious young woman before attempting to destroy the Lance; however, the Lance is activated and consumes the Four Great Spirits that Milla controls, leaving her powerless. Before escaping, Milla manages to steal the key used to operate the Lance, making her a prime target for many.

King Gaius of Auj Oule is revealed to be the one who sent the woman, Agria of the Chimeriad, to monitor and eventually steal the Lance, but Milla's actions prevent the plan from ever coming to fruition. Throughout the story, Milla joins with several companions in her mission to return to Fennmont and destroy the Lance, having been forced to retreat from Rashugal during the earlier events. Presa, also of the Chimeriad, ambushes the group at the Kijara Seafalls but fails to recognize the new shape of the key Milla stole and tosses it aside. Due to some quick thinking from Jude Mathis and quick action from Alvin, the two manage to rescue Milla from Presa and press forward to Nia Khera, where Milla attempts to call upon the Four only to realize they truly have been sealed within the Lance.

War and the Schism

Eventually, war breaks out between the countries of Rashugal and Auj Oule, Nachtigal having been manipulated by Gilland, who is revealed to be the leader of Exodus. After the group defeats Nachtigal in Orda Palace, he is killed by an unknown ice attack, later revealed to be the act of the Great Spirit Celsius, whom Gilland revived as a spyrite, substitute technology for spyrix that does not harm spirits. At Fezebel Marsh, Gilland commands the Rashugal army to bring the Lance to the battlefield and protect it at all costs. When the group arrives, they are forced into battle with Presa and the other two members of the Chimeriad, Jiao and Wingul, but the group defeats them and pushes through, eventually finding and clashing with Gaius near the Lance.

In a sudden turn of events, Ivar, Milla's servant who was entrusted with the key to the Lance, appears in the midst of the battle and activates the Lance, unaware of what he is actually doing. The Lance fires a devastating beam of energy into the sky, rupturing an invisible barrier that is revealed to be a powerful arte known as the schism that was cast by Maxwell, the Lord of Spirits, ages ago. The truth is then unveiled that Gilland never intended to use the Lance in battle; rather, he sought to eliminate the schism so that the world of Elympios would have access to that of Rieze Maxia. The sky seemingly opens and produces a large amount of Elympion ships, resulting in fierce battle that Muzét, the protector of the schism, ultimately ends.