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Lancelot du Capalus
Lancelot Battle Portrait (ToB).jpg
Appearance Tales of Berseria
Residences Capalus Manor
Race •Human (formerly)
Daemon (currently)
Occupation Count
Weapon Lance

Lancelot du Capalus (ランスロット・キャスパリーグ Ransurotto Kyasupariigu?, "Lancelot Cath Palug") is a minor antagonist in Tales of Berseria. He is a side-quest boss directly tied to Rokurou Rangetsu's past.


The Capalus family is one of the great noble lines who have served Midgand for generations, on par with Oscar Dragonia's family. People refer to them as the royal family's "hidden dagger". The dagger's "blade" was the Rangetsu clan. Rumors claim that behind the scenes, the Capaluses committed grave atrocities for the royal family's glory.

Eventually, rumors spread that the current Shigure of the Rangetsu clan was planning an insurrection, which immediately spurred the current count, Lancelot, to have him executed. He sent Shigure's brother, Rokurou to do the job. However, Rokurou failed. As punishment, Lancelot had him sentenced to Titania for five hundred years.

Three years later, when Shigure joined the Abbey, Lancelot stood against the organization's rising, but it was not enough. Overcome with disgrace that his servant rose higher than himself, Lancelot turned into a daemon and devoured everyone in the manor, servants and children alike, followed by the search party who came to the manor via the Laban Tunnel. Wanting revenge, Lancelot raided Vortigern and sent out a message directly challenging Shigure to a fight, only for Rokurou to arrive, alongside an unlikely group of fighters with him. They all work together to kill Lancelot.

Appearance and Personality

In his daemon form, Lancelot takes the appearance of floating pieces of armor radiating malevolence, similar to the Antique Armor. He also wears a sleeveless, greenish-blue cloak and a rag around his neck. As a noble, Lancelot looks down on those he views lesser than himself, and prefers them to stay that way. He is also shown to especially cruel to them, having sentenced Rokurou into Titania for five hundred years simply because he failed to kill Shigure. Even after deciding he no longer needs Rokurou, he has the gall to "command" him to stay put as he kills him. After devouring everyone in the manor, Lancelot gains a certain addiction to human flesh, planning to declare Desolation his own kingdom and personal feeding ground after killing the exorcists.