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Lara Mel Marta
Lara Mel Marta (ToX2).png
Appearance Tales of Xillia 2
Race Human
Occupation Chairwoman of the Rugen Consortium

Lara Mel Marta (ラル・メル・マータ Raru Meru Maata?) is an Elympion woman who is the new chairwoman of the Rugen Consortium in Tales of Xillia 2. She is the wife of Victor, the alias of the fractured version of Ludger Will Kresnik, and the mother of Elle Mel Marta.



In the fractured dimension from where Victor comes, he had similar adventures to his prime dimension counterpart with another fractured Elle. Unfortunately, his Elle died due to unknown circumstances, and Victor was turned away due to his dimension not being the prime one. Failing his journey, Victor rose through the ranks of Spirius Corporation and became the top agent. It is during this time that he and Lara met and fell in love. Eventually, they married and had their own dimension's Elle. However, everyone who was close to Victor and Lara were informed by Bisley Karcsi Bakur that Elle would become the Key of Kresnik, so they decided to give Elle to the prime dimension to keep their own dimension alive.

Remembering the fate of the Elle with whom he traveled, Victor attempted to keep her with him at all costs and resorted to killing his friends and family, apart from Milla Maxwell and Muzét, who are spirits and thus cannot be killed, as well as gravely injuring Gaius. Unfortunately, Lara witnessed everything Victor had done, and their happy life was ruined when Lara's sanity shattered. Horrified and heartbroken by her husband's crime, Lara sunk into a depression, eventually becoming bedridden. She died when Elle was a child, leaving Victor to raise their daughter by himself.

Role in the Plot

Lara is only seen in the prime dimension if the player obtains the "Ludger Ending" by choosing to try to save Elle instead of choosing to destroy the fractured dimensions. In this ending, Ludger, now president of Spirius, is informed by Vera that he is to meet with the new chairwoman of the Rugen Consortium, Lara Mel Marta. Realizing he is about to meet Elle's mother, a shocked Ludger rushes to his office, where Lara is waiting for him. Seeing him, Lara politely greets him, and upon seeing Lara's resemblance to Elle, apart from her eye color, Ludger begins to cry. Panicking, Lara asks if there is something wrong, to which Ludger shakes his head and smiles at her despite the tears on his face.