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Latheon Gorge
Game Tales of Symphonia
World Tethe'alla
Region Southeastern Continent

Latheon Gorge is the home of a special herb and the Storyteller in Tales of Symphonia. Located in the world of Tethe'alla, it is where Lloyd Irving and his companions travel in order to retrieve the "Mana Leaf Herb" to cure Colette Brunel's angelic illness.


Latheon Gorge is known for the large number of wind-generating plants that live there. These plants blossom and generate wind when fed Kirima fruit but wither to a dormant state when fed Amango fruit. Both Kirima and Amango fruit can be found on various trees in the gorge. The gorge itself is very mountainous and tropical. Toward the top, there is a large waterfall that rains down in the middle of the gorge, giving a misty feel to the atmosphere. Near this waterfall is the Storyteller's house, where Lloyd and his group learn the truth about Mithos and his companions who ended the Kharlan War over 4,000 years ago.