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Laville Clemente
Laville Clemente.png
Appearance Tales of Destiny
Tales of Destiny 2
Race Er'ther
Occupation Er'ther Chief of Staff
Weapon Swordian Clemente
Japanese Voice Actor Jouji Yanami
Character Designer Mutsumi Inomata

Laville Clemente (ラヴィル・クレメンテ Raviru Kuremente?) is Philia Felice's Swordian of Lightning in Tales of Destiny, Chief of Staff of all Er'ther forces. Atwight, the Swordian of Rutee Katrea, had served as his physician.


After the Aeth'er Wars, he was stranded within the sunken base of Radisrol. He is a jovial, fair, and insightful old man, but also somewhat personifies the "dirty old man" stereotype, as his reason to choose Philia as his mistress is because he prefers young, beautiful girls. Clemente is not very good in close combat, but he has a huge library of deadly magic at his disposal. Although he is noted as a Lightning-based Swordian, he boasts magic of other elements as well.