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Law (ToA).png
Appearance Tales of Arise
Age 16
Height 169 cm
Race Dahnan
Weapon Gauntlets
Japanese Voice Actor Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
English Voice Actor Bryce Papenbrook[1]

Law (ロウ Rou?) is a playable character in Tales of Arise. While he is a young Dahnan man from Calaglia, he is an active member of Rena's police organization called the Bureau of Observation. Tasked with apprehending dissidents, he initially confronts Alphen and the others when they arrive in Cyslodia.


Law is the son of Zephyr, the leader of the Crimson Crows, the Dahnan resistance in Calaglia. His birth was kept secret so that he wouldn't be embedded with a spirit core.

Appearance and Personality

Law has spiky brown hair with pink streaks with a long bang on the left side of his face tied with yellow and blue beads and blue eyes. As a martial artist, he wears a sleeveless blue shirt, baggy black pants, and leather shoes with metal elements. Law wears black gloves with his right-hand one going all way to his shoulder where a large metal guard in the shape of wolf's head, that he bought for ten gald, is secured via belts that go around his chest and back. His look is completes with metal gauntlets on both his arms.

Law is a straight-forward young man who mostly let his fists to do the talking. Rinwell mentioned him to be a simple-minded person. He mentioned that he followed Alphen because of what the latter said to cheer him up after the events in Cyslodia and aspires to be like him.

Fighting Style

Law specializes in fighting up close and personal with his fists and feet. He can fell enemies left and right with powerful blows, but his low defense means he has to do a lot of evading. Law can earn arte profiency in Fist Strike (拳撃?), Leg Strike (脚撃?), and Spirit (闘気?).

When Law keeps attacking without getting staggered by any enemy attacks, his concentration builds, raising his Attack and Elemental Attack. This is Law's perk, Awakening[2]. This Awakened state wears off upon being staggered or failing to land any hits for a certain period.


  • During the subquest, "The Stud from the Plains", it is revealed that Law is naturally adored by animals and can easily understand what they want or how they feel.


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