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Lenneth Valkyrie
Lenneth Valkyrie (TotR).png
Appearance Valkyrie Profile Series
Tales of the Rays
Race Aesir
Occupation Goddess of the Present
Weapon Sword
Japanese Voice Actor Yumi Touma

Lenneth Valkyrie (レナス・ヴァルキュリア Renasu Varukyuria?) is a major character from the Valkyrie Profile series who makes a cameo appearance in Tales of the Rays. Lenneth is the younger sister of Hrist Valkyrie and the elder sister of Silmeria Valkyrie. Together, the three sisters hold the moniker of the three Goddesses of Fate. As the middle sister, Lenneth represents the present.

Appearance and Personality

Lenneth F Icon (TotR).png

Lenneth takes the appearance of a young woman with blue eyes and long, silver hair. Her blue breastplate consists of gold linings, two shoulder pads, a white loincloth, and a center emerald below her neck. Lenneth's tiara covers most of her forehead and has four feathers on each side, while her boots reach up to her knees.

Lenneth is generally a kind person, but is merciless against her enemies. She is stoic but determined when it comes to tending her duties as a Valkyrie, and then as Lord of Creation. Unlike many of the Aesir, Lenneth does not hold humans in contempt. Rather, she enjoys their company, and eventually becomes their protector. However, those who show little kindness or compassion to others are disliked heavily by Lenneth, who acts very indifferent towards them. She despises those who would disturb the souls of the dead, or those who manipulate humans in general. Lenneth also holds a deep hatred for the undead, particularly Vampires, which she considers abominations. Towards the end of Valkyrie Profile, Lenneth abandons her allegiance to Odin and the other gods as she vows to prevent Loki from destroying Midgard.

Calm and level-headed, Lenneth speaks with an air of authority and confidence. Her combination of loyalty and independence are considered typical of middle-born children. Her quotes are not insulting, but are meant to warn off her opponents.

Fighting Style

Cut-in image for Tales of the Rays.

In Tales of the Rays, Lenneth uses artes derived from attacks in the Valkyrie Profile franchise.

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