Game Tales of Link
Height 168 cm
Race Goddess
Japanese Voice Actor Aya Endou
Character Designer Daigo Okumura

Leonne (レオーネ Reoone?) is a character in Tales of Link. She is a goddess who has managed to escape after the seal on the seeds of ruin was removed. She grants Lippy power and instructs him to collect and purify these seeds.

Appearance and Personality

Leone is a tall woman with unusually extravagant attire and delicate features. Her long hair travels in two strands down behind her back, becoming pink toward the ends, and creates a loop above her head. She wears a gold crown with green leaves and a feather-like dress with variants of blue, one matching her eyes. This dress fans out at her arms and waist, the underside revealing an elegant floral design of peachy shades. Her stockings trail from her thighs down to her heels, which mirror the soft colors of her dress's inner pattern.

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