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Let's Go Arche
Let's Go Arche
Game Systems Game Boy Advance

Let's Go Arche is a minigame from the Game Boy Advance version of Tales of Phantasia. Taking place years after her adventure fighting Dhaos, it is about how Arche Klein, aided by Suzu Fujibayashi, attempts to avert a dreadful fate that will befall her in five minutes by helping various people. It is unlocked by completing the game once.


In Year 43xx of the Aserian calendar, Arche, titled the Eternal Witch, is traveling Aselia at her whims. One day while in Miguel, she is crossing its bridge when a robed figure stops her. The robed figure is a fortune-teller, and Arche assents to having her fortune told. The fortune-teller then finds that a dreadful fate awaits her, but Arche can avert it by getting many people to thank her within the next five minutes. Arche enlists the help of Suzu, who uses her Shadow Storm arte to quickly travel between towns.

Fixing the Hot Springs[]

Beginning in Miguel, Arche talks to various people and solves their problems. Within the Miguel School of Swordfighting, Arche finds from a swordswoman within the several men who can teleport through leaves are looking for her. Heading to the Ninja Village, Arche is asked to get a particular stone from the Morlia Mineshaft to fix the Hot Springs, which had been blasted by magic. Arche and Suzu fight through to the 9th floor, where the find the stone and return it to the Ninja manning the Hot Springs. Chastised for damage the Hot Springs in the first place, Arche is nonetheless thanked for her work.

Improving the Nightlife[]

Talking to a boy in the inn, Arche goes to help Arlee's nightlife. Finding four men in the restaurant who have nothing to do, Arche, with Suzu's prompting, suggests that they play mahjong, which Arche says that Suzu does not need to know about at the moment, using Magic Tablets made from ivory at Gheeth's Shop. Obtaining some ivory from the men, Arche and Suzu head to Gheeth's Shop and obtain some Magic Tablets, which they give to the men and are thanked.

Gathering Firewood[]

A woman in the item shop tells them that Friezkiel's harsh winter is draining their firewood supply, so they head there to help. When they first arrive, Arche complains of the cold, and Suzu tells her that Ninja are trained to resist such adverse conditions. Arche points out that Suzu's shivering too, and both resolve to finish as quickly as possible. In the restaurant, they find a woman who says that she gets their firewood from Treantwood, and the two of them head deep into the forest where Origin resides to find some wood. Returning to Friezkiel, the woman thanks them profusely.

Obtaining a Love Potion[]

The Magic User in the weapons shop says that a maid in Alvanista's Castle is looking for someone skilled. Arche and Suzu head there, only to find that the maid, Emily, wants a Love Potion that a certain Magic User had in order to use on her boss. Arche reasons that it is Demitel who had it and, raiding his manor, Arche returns to the place where the party had fought him long ago. Finding the Love Potion among his experiments, Arche takes a bit for herself, much to Suzu's confusion and suspicion, and returns to Emily. Emily thanks them, though she has lost the nerve to use it herself.

Finding a Pianist[]

The weapon's shop owner says that Chelsea, the daughter of Venezia's mayor and whom Mint Adenade helped teach piano, is having trouble. Chelsea begs them to find her an excellent pianist to talk to, and Arche suggests Sakuraba III in the Guild in the basement of Alvanista's Power Lily. Essentially kidnapping him, Arche and Suzu return to Venezia where Chelsea and Sakuraba III get into an animated conversation, and they leave, content.

A Story about Thor[]

The boys in front of the church ask for a story about Arche's travels in the Heroes of Eternity. Arche tells them about the time they went to Thor in the past. Arche tells them about the time they faced a 4400R, only for it to summon a lot of allies and they had fled to the Time-Space Teleporter Room by accident. There, they returned to Year 4304 of the Aserian calendar to return to the Catacombs and save their ally Chester Burklight from Dhaos. The boys thank Arche for her story.

Conducting Research[]

The Priest in the Temple of Lenios tells her that a researcher is looking into the Cavern of Spirits. At Morrison's Home, the researcher is looking into monster evolution and asks Arche to capture him a Clay Idol. In the Cavern, however, Arche discovers that there is only one, a child, left. Attempting to take him back, the Clay Idol claims that humans took away the rest of his friends, saying that they will fetch a lot. If Arche chooses to believe him, Arche returns to Morrison's Home and blast the researcher in a fit of righteous anger and completes the mission. If Arche does not, Suzu convinces her to bring him anyway to complete the mission, as a Ninja would. Arche returns to the home but tricks the researcher into telling her that he'll give 25 million Gald for the Clay Idol. Justified now, Arche blasts him and frees the rest of the Clay Idols, and the two leave, happy with themselves.


A girl in the home south of the Miguel School of Swordfighting tells them that Olive has been having problems with its extreme heat and that villagers have been falling victim to heatstroke. Within Olive, they are affected by the heat, but Suzu remains stoic and attributes it to her Ninja training, which Arche finds exasperating. They find a boy in a deep fever and a father who pleads with them to get him deep-sea water from the deepest part of the Limestone Cave, which can cure the fever. Fighting all the way to where Undine rested, Arche and Suzu bring back some water in time to save the boy's life, and the parents thank them deeply.

Dream of the Past[]

If Arche chooses to sleep in the inn, she will dream about waking up in a ruined Toltus. Called by Cress, Mint, and Chester, if Arche begins to question the dream or realizes that it is a dream, she will wake up, disappointed. If she goes along with it, she will discover them around a fire, talking about celebrating Founder's Day, the day that they finally decide to begin rebuilding the village. Laughing and joking with her friends, as well as trading snipes with Chester, Arche is content and proclaims that they will build a great town. Cress and Mint go off for a moment, and Chester and Arche talk for a bit. Trading insults, Chester surprises Arche by giving her flowers, which Arche accepts. Afterward, Arche wakes up, energized and happy from her dreams. After meeting Suzu again and leaving the inn, Arche takes a look around the town and tells her friends that the town came out beautiful.

The Reckonings[]

If, at the end of the time period, Arche has had no one thank her, the fortune-teller foretells an approaching presence, which turns out to be a meteor that wipes out Aselia. If only a few people thank her, the fortune-teller uncloaks as Origin, who has been sent by Claus to push Arche into gear. Calling her a slacker, Origin administers judgment as the screen fades. If only a few people thank her and Arche has some of the Love Potion, nothing happens and Arche calls the fortune-teller a fraud. Emily then comes up to her and gives the Love Potion to her, saying she no longer needs help. Arche and Suzu walk away, but Arche trips and spills the Love Potion on Suzu, who instantly falls in love with her. Arche attempts to flee, but Suzu catches her and drags her back as the screen fades.

Should a decent amount of people thank Arche, the fortune-teller will say she did an average job and came up a little short. Arche's broom will proceed to explode and something will come and smack her into the water. If Arche has a lot of people thank her, the fortune-teller tells her that she did a good job. Arche wonders why there is not some sort of reward after all of it, but then one of the people who she helped comes by and thanks her again, and Arche smiles, realizing what the reward is. If Arche has a lot of people thank her and completes the dream mission, the fortune-teller tells her she did a good job. A researcher then arrives and tells Arche and Suzu that the time travel machine in Thor has been fixed. They both immediately go to Thor to head to Toltus to see Cress, Mint, and Chester. The researcher asks the fortune-teller, who may not be a fortune-teller at all, if it is all right, but he shrugs it off and leaves. The fortune-teller congratulates Arche, this time without any honorific, and leaves as well.


In this minigame, the player controls Arche. By talking with various people in the area and then completing the associated task, which can range from choosing the right answers to finding the appropriate items in dungeons, different endings can be unlocked. The player has only five, real-time minutes to complete tasks, with time spent sleeping, talking to people, and fighting not included.