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Leymon (TotT)

Official artwork depicting the petrified Leymon civilization.

The Leymon (レイモーン Reimoon?), also localized as Ramorn, are a race of beast, werewolf-like people who once ruled the continent of Areulla in Tales of the Tempest. They each have the ability to transform into beasts via the Zanktu (ザンクトゥ?).


Throughout the history of Areulla, the Leymon people have dominated and came to build a sophisticated civilization and an orderly society. They developed their own unique physique, with high physical strength and a strong spirit. Technology, however, appeared, for which the civilization was not ready. A large number of Leymon were slaughtered by a forbidden technology known as Life Magic, spurred by the Leymon leader Couber under the deception of King Areulla VIII. While mass-slaughter had not been the intent, it nevertheless caused the nation to descend into civil war, in a conflict that occurred 100 years prior to the events of the story and eventually became known as the Beast War.

Heretic Hunting (TotT)

Official artwork depicting the heretic hunting of Leymon.

With the Leymon having lost the greater bulk of their population, the leaders transferred the right to rule the continent to humans, who were at that point a small and weak race. As disorder continued to plague the diminishing Leymon population, humans reconstructed the nation and returned the land to prosperity. Humans came to think of the Leymon as the race that ruined the world and made their intent to mass-exterminate them. This forced the Leymon to go into hiding, donning human forms and secluding themselves to the most inhospitable regions of the continent. They lived in peace this way for many years until the Pope, Vincent Bridges, ordered for them to be hunted and killed in what would become known as "heretic hunting" the "Lycanth" (リカンツ?), a derogatory term.

What remains of the Leymon's once prosperous civilization is a void desert region that, aside from the port town of Laurus, yields only the fallen City of Leymon and crumbling monuments sprawled throughout the unfavorable region, which was once green and lush. Life Magic not only drained the life of the Leymon, but it also reduced the surrounding nature to wasteland and is now considered to be a foreboding region.


  • Lycanth is a derogatory term that humans use for the Leymon, propagated by the Church to influence public opinion toward viewing them as monsters. It is derived from the term lycanthropy, a werewolf shapeshifting ability that serves as the basis for the Leymon race.
  • In Tales of Berseria, one of the areas that can explored through the "Expedition" feature is called the "Leymon Sea".