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Libera Status (TotR).png
Appearance Tales of the Rays
Age 0
Height 5'5" / 166 cm
Weight 128 lbs / 58 kg
Race Human
Occupation Overseer of Auldrant territory (formerly)

Libera (リベラ Libera?) is a supporting character in Tales of the Rays. He is a replica of Ion created in Tir Na Nog.


As part of the Asgard Empire's experiments with bringing fomicry to Tir Na Nog, the original Ion creates his eighth replica with no name. The Empire soon subjects the replica to their Living Doll β project, turning him into a loyal puppet with an artificial consciousness and assigning him to oversee the Auldrant territory from Daath. News of this event is relayed by Jade Curtiss' spy within the Empire, Decus. Soon after arriving in the city, Libera is captured by Luke fon Fabre and his friends and taken back to their hideout. Having received Libera's heart core earlier from the seventh Ion, Kor Meteor brings Jade, Anise Tatlin, and Sync into Libera's spiria nexus to help restore the replica's consciousness. After the mission, Anise decides to name him "Libera", the Ancient Ispanian word for "freedom".

Appearance and Personality

As a replica, Libera is identical in appearance to Ion. However unlike most replicas who have some knowledge implanted to socially function, Libera is born as a blank slate that must learn everything from scratch just like Luke had to. This makes him very naive and overly trusting which allows Dist to easily manipulate him. Despite this, Libera also shows a compassionate side by shielding Dist from Gelda Nebilim's malicious replica.