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Libra IV
Game Tales of Destiny
World Er'ther Lands
Country Seinegald
Region Northern Hemisphere
Ruler King Seinegald

Libra IV is the name of Oberon Corporation's secret, hidden factory in Tales of Destiny. Located on an island north of Cresta in the Seinegald region, the location is where one of the protagonists, Leon Magnus, canonically dies. Due to its destruction in this game, the factory is absent in Tales of Destiny 2.


Three months after the defeat of Lydon Bernhardt, the Eye of Atamoni goes missing again, arising suspicion in Seinegald. King Seinegald informs the group when they arrive that Leon has fled with the Eye, as well as that all Oberon executives have gone missing as well. He states that interrogations of Oberon workers have already begun, but that many have fled to Libra IV, where the group decides they will go in order to investigate the matter. The location, revealed to be a manufacturing plant of sorts and true headquarters of the company, eventually leads the group to an underground cavern. There, the group finds Leon working for four hooded figures, one revealing himself to be Hugo.

Leon allows the quartet to escape, forcing the group into a difficult battle, both physically and emotionally. After Leon's defeat, his Swordian, Chaltier, reveals the truth of the situation: Hugo has taken Marian Fustel hostage, forcing Leon's submission. Hugo's departure using a Flying Dragon causes an earthquake, so Leon, regretting to make final amends, leads the group to an emergency lift, which they board. Leon prepares to operate the lift, confessing to Rutee Katrea the true nature of their blood and berating Stahn Aileron once more for his "happy-go-lucky" attitude. Leon then elevates the emergency lift so that the group may escape on another Flying Dragon, while he and Chaltier share their final moments in the cave as it is engulfed in the sea.