Light Blast (TotA)

Light Blast as it appears in Tales of the Abyss.

Light Blast (翔破裂光閃 Shouha Rekkousen?, "Soar Break Split Light Flash"[1] or "Soaring Break Rending Light Flash") is a mystic arte introduced by Judas in Tales of Destiny 2.

Arte Description and History

This arte is recognized typically as a rapid series of thrusts into the air with a weapon imbued with holy energy. Each interpretation of this arte differs with the initial effects before the enemy is launched upward, as well as the duration of the attack itself. In its original form, Judas extends this from Houryuu Zankouken, after which he spins around to perform three slashes on the enemy, forcing it into the air with the last slash. With his swords glowing yellow from the power of light, he thrusts into the air repeatedly with a flurry of stabs before stepping backward to taunt the enemy.

In Tales of Rebirth, it is one of several mystic artes that require two characters. After Annie Barrs empowers Eugene Gallardo with her Force, Eugene slashes and thrusts at the enemy in a pattern similar to Judas's execution of the same attack before throwing the enemy into the air. He then proceeds to stab into the air for an extended period of time before finally killing the enemy. This is the only mystic arte in the game that requires an event to unlock its use due to the importance of Annie's final understanding and appreciation of the Gajuma race represented by Eugene. In Tales of VS., Eugene is able to use this attack as his own mystic arte without Annie's assistance, while Annie remains without a mystic arte of her own. In Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3, Eugene uses it as his own mystic arte, while the rest of the characters from Tales of Rebirth have their own mystic artes without their corresponding partner.

Light Blast is downgraded significantly in Tales of the Abyss, in which both Luke fon Fabre and Asch have it as an FOF Change. The arte is activated by using Light Spear Cannon in a fully-charged Wind or Light FOF Circle. When it is activated, the character merely tosses their opponent into the air immediately with a small spin, followed by a short series of thrusts that create the effect of a spiral of light, pushing the enemy backward without knocking it down with the final strike. Unlike Luke and Asch, Nebilim does not have the requirement of an FOF Circle; she can use the same attack at will without activating an FOF Change, but any Wind or Light FOF Circle will be depleted if she stands on one while she activates the arte.

In Tales of the Rays, this arte became Luke's mirrage arte. Like the original, he initiates with a toss to his opponent in the air, but instead of a spiral of light, the enemy is showered by Luke's invisible thrusts while retaining its original element: Light.


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In-Game Descriptions and Battle Quotes

Tales of Destiny 2

Japanese Quote: 見切れるか!喰らえ!翔破裂光閃!貴様に見切れる、筋もない・・・
Romanized Quote: Mikireru ka! Kurae! Shouha Rekkousen! Kisama ni mikireru, suji mo nai...
Translated Quote: "Do you see this sharp blade?! Take this! Shouha Rekkousen! I sliced every bit of your being, leaving not even hope behind..."[2]

Tales of Rebirth

Japanese Quote:

Annie: 大いなるフォースよ、我等に奇跡を。
Eugene: 刹那は無限、その一瞬に我が全てを賭ける!
Both: 翔破裂光閃![3]

Romanized Quote:

Annie: Ooinaru foosu yo, warera ni kiseki wo.
Eugene: Setsuna wa mugen, sono isshun ni waga subete wo kakeru!
Both: Shouha Rekkousen!

Translated Quote:

Annie: "O great Force, bestow a miracle upon us."
Eugene: "We risk everything on this single moment, a mere breath of infinity!"
Both: "Shouha Rekkousen!"[4]

Tales of the Abyss

User: Luke fon Fabre
Japanese Quote: 貫く閃光!翔破裂光閃!
Romanized Quote: Tsuranuku senkou! Shouha Rekkousen!!
Localized Quote: "Piercing flash! Light Blast!"

User: Asch
Japanese Quote: 瞬速の剣閃、翔破裂光閃!
Romanized Quote: Shunsoku no kensen. Shouha Rekkousen!!
Localized Quote: "A blinding edge! Light Blast!"

Tales of Zestiria

User: Alisha
Japanese Quote: 見切った!この一瞬に全てを賭ける!翔破裂光閃!!
Romanized Quote: Mikitta! Kono isshun ni subete wo kakeru! Shouha Rekkousen!!
Translated Quote: "I've seen you through! I'll bet it all on this one moment! Light Blast!!"
Localized Quote: "It's over! This is my time! Light Blast!!"

Tales of the Rays

Localized Description: "[Mirrage Arte] Launch a foe upward and barrage it with countless thrusts."


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