Lightning Strike as it appears in Tales of Eternia.

Lightning Strike (雷閃拳 Raisenken?, "Thunder Flash Fist"[1]) is a Lightning-elemental arte in the Tales series.

Arte Description and History

In Tales of Eternia, being a Team Skill, the only method of using it is to have Farah Oersted and either Meredy or Keele Zeibel in the same party, then have Farah use Twin Palm Strike the same moment Thunder Blade is cast. This allows Farah to generate a short-ranged burst of lightning from her palms, which is directed horizontally in front of her as she jumps, allowing the lightning aura to raze the target from above as she drops back to the ground. This attack is later reprised for the first time in Tales of Xillia under similar circumstances, in which Jude Mathis must use Palm Strike while Milla Maxwell activates Bolt Strike, and both characters must be under the effect of Link Mode.

Despite its localized name, Lightning Strike bears no relation to the artes that share the same name, as used in Tales of Symphonia by Kvar and in Tales of Graces by Asbel Lhant. Each of these three attacks are completely different artes, as determined by their Japanese names. Kvar's Lightning Strike is named "Kouraigeki" (降雷撃?) in Japanese, whereas Asbel's Lightning Strike is named "Raizanshou" (雷斬衝?).


Original Titles

In-Game Descriptions and Battle Quotes

Tales of Xillia

Localized Description: "One partner jumps, receives a shot of lightning from the other, and unleashes an electrical strike."


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