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Lightning Tiger Blade (TotA)

Lightning Tiger Blade as it appears in Tales of the Abyss.

Lightning Tiger Blade (襲爪雷斬 Shuusouraizan?, "Attacking Claw Thunder Slash") is a classic technique and one of the most well-recognized elemental melee artes in the Tales series.

Arte Description and History[]

When Lightning Tiger Blade is used, the user slashes upward and jumps high into the air, summoning a large bolt of lightning to deal several hits to nearby enemies, before falling back to the ground.

Some versions of the arte may involve firing a projectile mid-attack that causes the lightning bolt on contact, seen in Cress Albane's version, but can easily miss despite it having tracking ability. The projectile in the original Super Famicom version of the game is clearly seen as being launched with a kick at the peak of the jump before being omitted in later versions.

In Tales of Symphonia, this arte is a compound special attack that combines the Tiger Blade arte or its higher-tier upgrades with a Lightning-elemental spell of the same tier as the former. Lloyd jumps up as lightning strikes the enemy several times before ending with a falling slash with both swords.

In Tales of Legendia, Chloe slashes left before performing a counterclockwise spin kick with her right leg, then an axe kick with her left. She then uses her sword as a pole as she performs a high kick with her right leg before pushing off. Mid air, Chloe ckicks with her left leg before axe kicking with her right, sending the enemy back down, before finishing with a downward slam that summons a bolt of lightning.

In Tales of the Abyss, a user of the Albert Style performs the diagonal slash and uppercut of Fang Blade, then a sphere of lightning appears above the enemy, releasing thunderbolts below it, before ending with a front flip slash. In this title, this arte can be used when Luke fon Fabre or Asch use Fang Blade in a fully-charged Wind or Light FOF Circle while Van Grants can perform it as an arcane arte without the same requirements as his students.

In the original Tales of Innocence, Spada summons the lightning via a leaping upward slash with his right sword, before performing a downward swing from his left sword.

In Tales of Xillia, this becomes a linked arte between Alvin and Milla Maxwell. Milla uses her open hand to shock the enemy with a strike of electricity, while coating her sword in said electricity. Alvin jumps in and slams his sword down before Milla leaps forward and swings her sword down, releasing the electricity in a bolt of lightning. In Tales of Xillia 2, Alvin can also perform this with Muzét, though hers is different. Muzét conjures a ball of lightning that she throws down to the target. Alvin jumps in and slash his sword down.

In Tales of Innocence R, Spada performs a leaping upward slash with his right sword, before summoning the lightning via a downward swing from his left sword. In Tales of Hearts R, Kor uses the downward swing exclusively to summon the lightning strike.

In Tales of Zestiria, while low to the ground, Rose performs a powerful upward slash with her right-hand dagger, launching her opponent. Then, while in the air, she performs a horizontal slash with her right-hand dagger. The arte is finished with Rose performing a powerful, downward slash with her left-hand dagger, an action that creates a thunderbolt to strike the enemy.

In Tales of Arise, this arte is Alphen and Law's Boost Strike. Alphen and Law coat their weapons in electricity before leaping high into the air as a dark sphere appears above the target, surrounded by electicity. Alphen and Law use it to attack the target with two strikes of lightning, following the second strike with that of their own.

In Tales of Asteria, as a collaboration with Tales of the Stage, a unit of Asch as a child is added, that uses Shuusouraizan as a mystic arte.

In Tales of the Rays, Luke's version is Light-elemental and Rose's is Wind-elemental, while Cress and Alphen obtain it as their Water- and Wind-elemental crossover mirrage arte as a reference to the Boost Strike version. Rose's version also alters into Shakkaryouran when standing or moving.

This attack should not be confused with Thunder Tiger Blade, the arte that combines Tiger Blade and Lightning Blade, or the unrelated arte Lightning Tiger, a Lightning-elemental variant of Tiger Blade.


Lightning Tiger Blade (ToCrestoria)

Lightning Tiger Blade as it appears in Tales of Crestoria.

Original Titles

Lightning Tiger Blade (ToA)

Lightning Tiger Blade as it appears in Tales of Arise.

Crossover Titles


Fan-Translated Names[]

In-Game Descriptions and Battle Quotes[]

Tales of Phantasia (SFC)[]

Japanese Description: 周囲の敵を巻き込む落雷を生じさせる技
Romanized Description: Shuui no teki wo maki komu rakurai wo shouji saseru waza
Translated Description (DeJap Translations): "Create a lightning bolt to strike nearby enemies."[1]

Tales of Phantasia (PSX)[]

Translated Description (Absolute Zero): "Strike an enemy with a thunderbolt then bring down your weapon on your foe."
Translated Description (Phantasian Productions): "Base: Fry an enemy with a bolt of lightning and finish with a downward slash."

Tales of Phantasia (GBA)[]

Japanese Description: 周囲の敵を巻き込む落雷を生じさせる
Romanized Description: Shuui no teki wo maki komu rakurai wo shouji saseru
Localized Description: "Strike surrounding enemies with lightning."[2]

Tales of Legendia[]

Japanese Description: 斬撃、蹴撃、雷撃の三段属性技
Localized Description: "Base: Call forth lightning and slash the enemy."[3]

Tales of the Abyss[]

Japanese Description: 周囲の敵を巻き込む落雷を生じさせ攻撃する技。

User: Luke fon Fabre
Japanese Quote: 受けろ雷撃!襲爪雷斬!!
Localized Quote: "Feel the thunder! Lightning Tiger Blade!"

User: Asch
Japanese Quote: 轟雷喰らいやがれ!襲爪雷斬!!
Localized Quote: "Feel the roar of lightning! Lightning Tiger Blade!"

User: Van
Japanese Quote: 喰らうがいい!襲爪雷斬!!
Localized Quote: "Take this! Lightning Tiger Blade!"

Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology[]

Localized Description: "Master: Cut an enemy up, then call down lightning."

User: Luke fon Fabre
Localized Quote: "Don't blame me if you die!"

Tales of Innocence[]

Japanese Description: 斬り上げ後、落雷をお見舞いする
Translated Description (Absolute Zero): "Master: After an upward slash, call a thunderbolt."

Tales of Hearts[]

Japanese Description: 召喚した雷を剣に宿らせ 斬り上げた敵を縦一文字に斬り裂く技

Alternate Japanese Quote: 終わらないッ!

Tales of Xillia[]

Japanese Description: 雷を纏った二人の剣で連続斬りを行い、ラストに落雷を呼び寄せる共鳴武身技。
Localized Description: "A storm of electrically charged sword strikes before lightning is called down upon the enemy."

Tales of Innocence R[]

Japanese Description: 斬り上げを行った後 落雷をオミマイする秘技

Tales of Hearts R[]

Japanese Description: 召喚した雷を剣に宿らせ 斬り上げた敵を縦一文字に斬り裂く技
Localized Description: "Charges the sword with electricity, then sends it smashing down into the ground."

Alternate Japanese Quote: ていッ!まだだッ!

Tales of Zestiria[]

Japanese Description: 雷撃を伴った斬り上げから、更に斬り下ろしに繋げる。空中連携可能。『双牙斬』の上位奥義。
Localized Description: "A rising slash accompanied by a lightning attack, followed by a downward swing. Can be used in mid-air combos. Higher hidden arte of Fang Blade."

Alternate Japanese Quote: 雷斬り!
Alternate Romanized Quote: Kaminari kiri!
Alternate Localized Quote: "Lightning strike!"

Tales of the Rays[]

User: Luke fon Fabre
Japanese Description: 敵を斬り上げつつ、落雷を発生させ更に斬り下ろす
Localized Description: "An upward slash that rains lightning on foes before cutting them down."

User: Rose
Japanese Description:


Users: Cress Albane + Alphen
Japanese Description: 斬リ上げつつ、落雷を発生させニ人の剣で敵を一刀両断する魔鏡技

Japanese Quote:

(Solo activation) Cress: 行くぞアルフェン! // Alphen: 行くぞクレス!
(Shared activation) Alphen: これで! // Cress: 決める!
Alphen: 雷よ!
Cress: 一閃!
Both: 襲爪!雷斬!!

Tales of Crestoria[]

Japanese Quote: 唸れ、襲爪雷斬!

Tales of Arise[]

Japanese Quote: 襲爪!雷斬!!
Localized Quote: "Look sharp! Lightning Tiger Blade!"