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The Lilium Orb customization screen in Tales of Xillia.

The Lilium Orb (リリアルオーブ Ririaruoobu?, "Liliale Orb") and its successor, the Allium Orb (アローセルオーブ Arooseruoobu?, "Arousal Orb") are important items in Tales of Xillia and Tales of Xillia 2. They provide the in-story basis for much of the playable characters' skills and the ability to link.


Lilium Orbs are mysterious but common artifacts that people can equip to protect themselves. They give people the capacity to battle monsters, allowing them to flourish in a dangerous world. Because of their usefulness, more travelers either are equipped with one or obtain one in short order. Lilium Orbs also give the ability to link to their users, allowing two people to grow stronger by working together as a unit. The Golden Mage Knight reveals that he spread Lilium Orbs across the world several thousands of years before the events of Tales of Xillia.

As an ages-old creature who desires nothing but battle, the Golden Mage Knight reached the limits of his own strength and decided to observe humanity's fighting techniques. Through this observation, the Golden Mage Knight gains insight into the advances in fighting that humanity develops, a knowledge that he demonstrates against the party. Despite knowing the origins of their abilities, the party decides that the Lilium Orbs are just tools that can be used for good or evil and feel no qualms about using them to accomplish their goals.

After the events of Tales of Xillia, the Lilium Orbs transmutate into Allium Orbs. While they retain their ability to provide the link capability, they now require the use of Extractors (アブソーバー Abusoobaa?, "Absorbers") to convert Elemental Ore (エレメンタルコア Erementarukoa?, "Elemental Cores") into points to grow, as opposed to the Lilium Orbs, which grew with their wielders.


Lilium Orbs require Growth Points (グロウアップポイント Gurouappupointo?, "Grow Up Points") to gain stats and unlock artes and skills. The Lilium Orb consists of six branches with nodes, one branch for each main stat, and areas that are unlocked when all the nodes surrounding, including diagonally in this representation, have Growth Points invested in them.

The Lilium Orb begins with up to Node 3 unlocked. GP may be invested anywhere within Node 0, but any subsequent points that are allocated toward higher node levels must be spent on stats adjacent to orbs that are already unlocked. To unlock nodes after the Node 3, the key area outlined in white must be unlocked, as well as two other areas in that same node. Upon doing this for Node 8 of Orb 1, Orb 2 is unlocked.

Allium Orbs convert elemental ore into points of six elements. Artes and skills are unlocked by reaching a certain amount of points in one or more elements. As an extractor may only be able to extract only a few elements, proper management of extractors is required to obtain artes and skills quickly.