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Linkite Tree
Game Tales of Symphonia
World Sylvarant
Region Southwestern Continent

The Linkite Tree is an ancient, withered tree that produces a special fruit known as "Linkite Fruit" in Tales of Symphonia.


The Linkite Tree is first mentioned at Nova's Caravan after leaving Palmacosta. The travelers there tell the group about a mystical tree that produces a rare fruit, which makes a special sound when the wind blows into it. However, the location of the tree has long been lost. The tree exists in a place that the group cannot reach by foot, so the group assumes they need to search for it while on the Rheairds. The biologist Nova and his family eventually give the group a "Linkite Nut", as well as more information on the tree itself.

Later in the story, after forming pacts with nearly all the Summon Spirits, the group locates the Linkite Tree. After nourishing it by using Gnome's power, together with the original nut given to them by the travelers, the revived tree bears more "Linkite Nuts". Lloyd Irving uses one of these to make a flute that can summon Aska with the help of Sylph, much like the one Mithos gave to Genis Sage. They summon Aska, though the spirit claims it will not form a pact with Sheena Fujibayashi unless Luna is with it. The group then asks Aska to go to the Tower of Mana where Luna is, which it does.