Aselia Wiki
Lionel Island Wharf
Game Tales of Berseria
World Desolation
Country Holy Midgand Empire
Region Endgand
A small dock in the remote and unpopulated region of Endgand. Minimally outfitted and intended for use only in emergencies.

The Lionel Island Wharf, The Frontier (辺境地 リオネル島桟橋?) is an island in Tales of Berseria. It is the largest island in Endgand, and is the farthest point of the Abbey and the Holy Midgand Empire's domain. Unlike other islands visited by Velvet Crowe, Lionel Island is largely uninhabited, and is used as a base of operations for the Abbey. It is here that the final therion is discovered by the malak Laphicet.


Lionel Island is divided into two major regions: the small port entrance to the south, and the larger marshes covering the north called the Baird Marsh. These two areas are divided by a mountain range, with the former merely acting as a place to dock, and the later as a vast marshy land. The marsh is covered with the ruins of an ancient kingdom that once existed on the island.


While searching for the seven therions of Innominat, Laphicet leads Velvet to Lionel Island, where a major earthpulse point exists. Teresa Linares joins the party when the group finds her ship dying from the "Corsair's Scourge", which was on route to the island, hoping to save her brother Oscar Dragonia from using a dangerous arte known as armatization. Lionel Island is revealed to be a place where civilization has battled for survival for centuries, making it a breeding ground of malevolence despite the low population.

When the group reaches Oscar and the therion, Velvet commands Oscar to drop his weapon as she holds a blade to Teresa's neck in a feigned hostage situation. Oscar begins to comply, but then hurls his sword at Velvet, forcing her to block it, and Teresa uses this opportunity to run behind Oscar, striking him in the head and rendering him unconscious. Velvet then tells Teresa to take Oscar and leave, but she refuses, stating that it will reflect "badly upon him". Knowing she is receptive to Innominat's power, she fuses with the therion and becomes one herself, engaging the group in combat.

Defeated, she is once again comforted by Oscar, who reminds her of their bond despite her attempts to avoid eye contact with him, having assumed a therion form. She inevitably submits to him, however, and he tells her he will handle the rest. After unveiling the powers of armatization against the group, he loses control and launches himself at Laphicet, to which Velvet responds by killing him. Teresa, stunned at her brother's death, emotionally recounts their relationship and how innocent Oscar was, giving her earrings intended for his fiance for her birthday because they were meant for the "woman he cares about most". This woman was her.

Teresa's words penetrate Velvet's mind and rationality as her haunting memories flood inside her head until Teresa screams and flies toward her, prompting Velvet to release her daemonic hand and kill her as well. In Teresa's final moments, she resumes her human form and cries near Oscar's body, consoling the lifeless corpse before she herself dies, her hand falling on his. The incident greatly affects Velvet, having mirrored Artorius killing her own little brother before her eyes.

Afterwards, Velvet is left with little choice but to consume Oscar and Teresa's bodies, as she fails to capture the final therion. Velvet then resolves to find the next therion and to stop Innominat in her quest for vengeance. Velvet then learns an attack on Titania is about to occur and rushes to stop it.

Later, the group returns when a mysterious daemon with ties to Van Aifread is found on the island. It is revealed that the daemon is Aifread himself, whom the party is forced to kill as a result of his will being suppressed by Melchior Mayvin's illusion artes. Before Aifread's death, a fracture of Innominat's power that lay dormant within Laphicet, the Silver Flame, awakens and he purifies the pirate's daemon form turning him back to human, much to the party's surprise.