Aselia Wiki
Appearance Tales of Link
Height 57 cm
Race Sprite
Japanese Voice Actor Ai Nonaka
Character Designer Daigo Okumura

Lippy (リッピ Rippi?) is a character in Tales of Link. He is a sprite who has been instructed by Leonne to collect the seeds of ruin. He accompanies Sara on her journey to find the Savior, who has the ability to purify these seeds.

Appearance and Personality

Lippy is a small, dog-like sprite with cream-colored fur and a cyan collar that holds a device resembling a smartphone, which allows him to detect the magical energies of a seed of ruin. The hair on his head spreads in four directions, concealing his eyes and leaving his mouth exposed. Lippy is humble and self-effacing, always respectful of others. He is a great cook and enjoys taking care of people. His kind and modest nature also hide a sharp intelligence, able to take situations with a glance and determine when it is best to fight and when it would be better to retreat. He dislikes being called a dog, as shown in his first meeting with Luke fon Fabre in the Sairan Capital.