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Lithia Cattleya
Lithia Cattleya (ToH).png
Appearance Tales of Hearts
Race Xerom
Weapon Fists

Lithia Cattleya (リシア・カトレイア Rishia Katoreia?) is a minor antagonist in the original Tales of Hearts. It appears as the boss of the game's EX Dungeon.


The very first xerom prototype, known as "Protoxerom Cattleya", longed to be Lithia Spodumene. It has spent thousands of years evolving into her likeness to achieve her dream and eventually goes by the name "Lithia Cattleya". Their ultimate goal is to take Spodumene's Spiria, so it can finally be complete.

Appearance and Personality

Cattleya resembles Lithia Spodumene a great deal with their long emerald hair and white dress. However the similarities end there as Cattleya has mint green skin and white claws take place of her hands. Her headpiece resembles white-feathered wings and she has three large navy blue roses in her hair.

While not much is known about its personality it can be presumed that Cattleya feels jealousy towards Spodumene since while it is simply a xerom the actual Lithia has Spiria and therefore can be considered a human, something that Cattleya desperately fights for.

Fighting Style

Cattleya is a specialist in the use of will artes, having access to a large variety of offensive and debuffing spells.