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Lithia Spodumene
Appearance Tales of Hearts
Hometown Cind'rella
Age 2,000+ (physically 14)
Height 4'11" / 149 cm
Weight 157 lbs / 71 kg
Race Mineran
Weapon Soma (Tiara)
Japanese Voice Actor Kaori Shimizu
Character Designer Mutsumi Inomata

Lithia Spodumene (リチア・スポデューン Richia Supodyuun?, "Richea Spodune") is one of the main characters in Tales of Hearts and joins the party as an unplayable protagonist. She is one of the remaining Minerans in the game, an ancient race that resided on the planet Minera.



Prior to the events of the story, Lithia grew along with her sister Fluora Spodumene and Creed Graphite in the Mineran city of Cind'rella during the unending Mineran Will wars. To stop the endless conflicts Lithia took part on a plan alongside with Creed to remove the war-like components from a person Spiria, a plan that would receive the codename "Savior System Gardenia". Fluora warned multiple times and questioned the unethical manipulation of someone else Spiria. Despite all the warnings Creed and Lithia managed to activate Gardenia using Lithia's Spiria as the core for Gardenia. However Lithia was unable to control Gardenia, causing every Spiria on Minera to be consumed by Gardenia and calcifying the entire planet in the process.

Losing further control over Gardenia, the creature proceeded to absorb the Spirias residing in Organica. In order to prevent further destruction Fluora forcefully assumed control of Gardenia as its core and sent Lithia, Creed, Corundum, Kunzite, and Incarose to the flying fortress of Mysticete heading to Organica. After that Lithia and Fluora used Mysticete to activate the Radial-Dream Will arte, sealing Gardenia in a state of hibernation. With Fluora bound as Gardenia's core, Fluora powers the seal as a singularity in a state of partial suspension as part of the seal. After sealing Gardenia, an argument broke in Mysticete between Lithia and Creed. Creed opposed Lithia's decisions by insisting that he has the ability to return the Spirias devoured by Gardenia and save Fluora. Nonetheless Lithia argued that Gardenia is too powerful to be controlled and the manipulation of someone's Spiria is an unethical thing to do. Lithia proceeded to seal Greed with an arte, failing in the process. The arte bounces to Creed and Lithia, causing their Spiria to be expelled from their physical bodies.

Since Mysticete had meanwhile landed on Organica, both proceeded looking for a host in whose Spiria they could nestle. Should Lithia die or Mysticete fall into Creed's hands, the seal on Gardenia would be lifted. Having expelled each other Spirias from their physical bodies, both existed within Organicans hosts form two millennias. During that time Lithia became the "sleeping princess" worshiped by the Church of Valentin. Changing host over countless generations, both waged a secret and endless battle for control over Gardenia. During their last battle 17 years before the game Lithia ended up in Iola Hearts as his vessel who moved into a struggle against the Emperor Zirconia Tourmaline, Creed's vessel at that time. Together with Tekt Tourmaline, Labrodor Akerman, Sydan Meteor, and Kardia Meteor battled Zirconia. During the battle, Iolas's Spiria was broken by Zirconia, as Lithia took the opportunity to transfer to the unborn child of Iola, delivering a decisive blow on Zirconia that forced him to retreat to Cardia's unborn child Spiria. kardia took the opportunity and managed to create a seal that forced Creed to rest inside the child's Spiria in the coming years.

Role in the Plot[]

Kor Meteor first meets Lithia when he enters Kohaku Hearts's Spiria with the help of his Soma. When he reaches the end of Kohaku's Spiria Nexus, Kor meets Lithia. Lithia seems frightened of Kor, and almost immediately, Kohaku's Spiria shatters, and Lithia disappears. During the event of Lignatore Garrison Kohaku's Spiria is whole again and Lithia is able to speak through Kohaku and Creed awakes at the same time possessing Kor. Shortly after Kohaku decides to activate Mysticete and both Creed and Lithia are restored to their original bodies. With Mysticete now at Creed's control Lithia and the rest of the group gets separated in the ocean. Washed away on a coast near Hanselar after Lignatore destruction Lithia continues to travel with the party. At first, Kor, Hisui Hearts, and Beryl Benito are reluctant to help her in her feud with Creed Graphite while Ines decides to support Lithia in any way. Hisui, in particular, seems to resent Lithia for "using" his sister. His opinion of her seems to improve, however, once she saves him from drowning, and in the end the party agrees to help Lithia stop Creed and prevent Gardenia's awakening.

Appearance and Personality[]

Lithia is a woman with long, emerald green hair that reaches past her feet, and gowns a white, poofy dress wearing straps along her arms. She wears pearls on the magenta crown in her hair, as well as on the cuffs of her sleeve and on the golden clips that holds her hair. Her design is reminiscent of that of a mermaid, with flower accents to compliment the theme of her home world.

Lithia appears fickle, but she has a strong will, refusing to change her mind once she comes to a decision. When she first awakens, she almost seems cruel toward the party, claiming to not care if they lose their lives because of her. As time goes on, she opens up to them, and even goes so far as to confide in them with her issues.

Fighting Style[]

Lithia Cut-in (TotR)

Cut-in image for Tales of the Rays.

To avoid hastening her body's calcification, Lithia does not participate in battle. However, cutscenes depict her wielding magic power that can stand up to Creed.

In Tales of the Rays, Lithia loses her handicap and joins the party with tiaras as her equipped weapons. She specializes in mineral-themed magic to attack foes and support allies while also healing herself. These unique artes mainly involve conjuring stationary or slow-moving crystals that damage enemies upon contact. Lithia's normal mirrage arte, Thorny Sylvan, also demonstrates her ability of manipulating large plant life.

Other Appearances[]

Tales of the Rays[]

Lithia Cut-in (TotR) Swimsuit

Cut-in image for Tales of the Rays, swimsuit.

Lithia appears as a nexus coerced into working for the Asgard Empire. She assists in their Living Doll beta project by invading other captured nexuses' Spirias and replacing their cores with ones containing artificial intelligence, turning the victims into robotic soldiers loyal to the Empire. To sabotage the Empire's plans, Lithia conspires with Harold Berselius and Ion to restore the Living Dolls to their original selves by lending them Kunzite to undo her actions.


  • Lithia's last name is a reference to the mineral spodumene, while her first is a reference to lithium, which is present in spodumene. Her Japanese name, Richea, is a reference to the plant of the same name.
  • The reason for Lithia's heavy weight is because of her hair, which she claims is made out of emeralds. This is joked about in a skit, in which the group wonders if she actually swims or just walks across the ocean floor, but it is never confirmed as to which it is.
  • Lithia loves cats but is allergic to them, as noted in a skit.