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Little Queen
Little Queen.jpg
Appearance Tales of Graces ƒ
Weapon Tiara
Japanese Voice Actor Yoshino Nanjo
English Voice Actor Lauren Landa[1]
Character Designer Mutsumi Inomata

The Little Queen (リトルクイーン Ritorukuiin?) is the primary antagonist in Tales of Graces ƒ during the "Lineage and Legacies" story arc. She is the physical manifestation of Fodra's consciousness. Unlike the previous antagonist of the main story, Lambda, the Little Queen seeks to restore life and beauty to the world by eliminating humanity, capable of doing it herself without the need of a host body. Throughout the story, she beckons for Sophie, referring to her as the "Child of Fodra", to leave her human companions and join her so she will not feel alone when they pass on. It soon becomes clear that she is a far more dangerous foe than Lambda.


Attack on Fodra

As Sophie is visiting the grave of Asbel Lhant's father in Lhant, she begins to hallucinate about seeing his name on the grave and how she would be if she were all alone. At that moment, the Little Queen appears before only Sophie, asking her what she would do when all her friends are gone. Afterward, before Sophie can determine what she witnessed, the Little Queen vanishes. Later, when the group travels to Fodra to discover the cause of extremely powerful monsters attacking Ephinea, Sophie sees a lush green forest growing on the thought-to-be-dead planet. In a garden of flowers, they all see the Little Queen, but without a word, the Little Queen turns her gaze on their shuttle and attacks, causing them to force-land in Telos Astue. Sophie seeks to know who the Little Queen is and asks the group if they can go to the forest where she was. They decide to put that visit on hold as they venture to the Humanoid Research Laboratory, having gained a clue about what is happening from Psi in the city.

Upon arrival, the group ventures deep into the lab before uncovering a damaged video recording with Fodra scientists attempting to obtain samples for an experiment. After defeating the boss of the dungeon, Pascal uncovers a major clue from the memories of an offline humanoid. In its visuals, the Little Queen is seen within Fodra's Core in a subconscious sleep. This is when the group learns of her name, from what is mentioned among the scientists and also from Emeraude, claiming her powers will be apart of Sophie's final design. As everyone begins to question who she is, the Little Queen attacks them within the lab without a word. She soon changes her motive once clashing face-to-face with Sophie, beginning to coax her into joining her. Asbel and the others escape from the lab as it begins caving in from the attacks. The Little Queen continues firing beams of energy at Asbel's group as they flee the lab and escape aboard the shuttle, but they do not escape far, as they are forced to crash in Arcadia Garden, the area they saw the Little Queen in earlier.

Final Battle for Fodra

After landing in the forest, Sophie hears the Little Queen calling out to her. The group decides to explore the forest in search of her. They find her again in the deepest part of the forest, and Sophie asks how she knows who she is. The Little Queen mentions that she knows about her through the stars and begins to speak of humanity laying waste to the beauty of the planet. She again tries to coax Sophie into joining her, only proving to be futile and later engages in a boss battle with the group. During the battle, the Little Queen proves to be a true challenge, as the group must battle through at least ten copies of her before the fight ends. After being dealt defeat, the Little Queen vanishes, and the group returns to Telos Astue.

Having obtained a second data file from a humanoid before fleeing the lab, Pascal uploads it through the projection system in the city. The video images depict the Fodra scientists deciding that they must shut down Fodra's Core before the Little Queen can strike at them. However, the Little Queen is shown to have heard their decision and attacks them without mercy. Before the humanoid is shut down amidst the destruction, they watch the Little Queen kill a scientist before striking at the humanoid. Asbel and friends decide that to stop the Little Queen and protect Ephinea, they must venture down the Lastalia Shaft, the Fodra equivalent to the Ghardia Shaft on Ephinea, and have Lambda use his powers to absorb the eleth from the core.

Once they venture deep into the depths of the shaft, shown to be heavily different from the rest of the shaft due to the lush plants, they are attacked again by the Little Queen. This time, she commands monsters and faces them with only one copy of herself. After her defeat, she curses the humans before vanishing. Asbel is then warned by Lambda that they are drawing close to the core and Asbel is in danger of having his mind overwhelmed by the core's memories. Before reaching the final floor of the shaft, the group realizes that the beauty they are seeing is the result of what nature would be if humans never entered the scene. They then begin to sympathize with the Little Queen, believing she is not evil. Before they can contemplate further, the Little Queen attacks again with a small group of herself. They now inflict various status ailments to the group in an attempt to befuddle them. The Little Queen is defeated again and retreats.

Fodra Queen

The group's final meeting with the Little Queen is outside Fodra's Core, where a massive swarm of her appears and attempts once more to coax Sophie into joining her, but Sophie has proven to her that she will not change and that the group is there to convince her to give humanity another chance. However, the Little Queen is not swayed by Sophie's words and becomes convinced that she is also her enemy. The Little Queen and her copies then merge together and become the Fodra Queen.

After fighting and defeating the Fodra Queen, a large light warps Asbel's friends into the subconscious of Fodra's Core, where Lambda explains that he was unable to absorb the entire core's eleth but was able to absorb the pain-ridden portion of the Fodra's heart, attempting to reach an understanding with her the same way Asbel had with him. This process may take a century worth of time, so Lambda asks Sophie to watch over his progress, knowing that she will be the "friend" that will be able to stay with him after the time passes. The group then returns outside the core, along with Asbel, to see a severely-weakened Little Queen trying to protect herself out of fear. Her powers are seriously weakened, and her attacks prove of little use as they debilitate to the point that she cannot use them. However, she is comforted by Sophie and finally convinced that humans are not the same as they were in the past.

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The Little Queen is moved to tears when Sophie offers to help her, similarly to how Asbel talked Lambda into merging with him. However, the battle proved to be too straining for her, as she begins fading away. Before she fades completely, she gives what little of herself is left to Sophie, asking her to bring life back to Fodra and watch over the planet's future. Once they merge powers, Sophie transforms into a new form, one that heavily bears resemblance to that of the Little Queen. She is also able to shed real tears afterward, having inherited the feelings of the Little Queen. The group later speaks of plans to return new life to Fodra, especially Sophie.

Appearance and Personality

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Little Queen has short, violet hair with two long bangs framing her face and violet eyes. Her outfits consists mainly of bright green and very dark green attire, that has gold and pink accents on her stomach and skirt respectively. Little Queen also wears a tiara made of green crystals.

Personality-wise, Little Queen is duty-bound to protect Fodra from all who threaten it, even its own inhabitants if necessary. She is also shown to be merciless and indiscriminate to those who she considers an enemy, wiping out the humans of Fodra for threatening its prosperity and attempting to do the same to Ephineans. Little Queen acknowledges that Sophie was born from her data, but is not afraid to kill her when she makes her decision to fight with the humans.

Fighting Style

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Little Queen fights in multiple copies of herself, making her a formidable opponent by her numbers alone. She fights airborne using mainly her legs in melee combat, but can also conjure a chakram of light and can fire projectiles of light from a flower conjured from her right hand to attack from distance. Magic-wise, Little Queen uses Wind- and Dark-based cryas artes.


  • In the game's Enemy Book, all the Little Queen's data appears under the "Mystery" section of the enemy lists.