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Living Armor
Living Armor (ToE)
Appearance Tales of Eternia
Tales of Symphonia
Race Monster
Weapon Sword

The Living Armor (リビングアーマー Ribinguaamaa?) is a recurring enemy in the Tales series who often appears as a large, body-less suit of armor found in the secret dungeons of the games.


Tales of Eternia[]

In Tales of Eternia, the Living Armor appears as an optional boss on the fourth floor of Nereid's Labyrinth. The Living Armor has the largest enemy sprite in the game, making it particularly susceptible to area-based attacks due to its large hitbox. However, it is resistant to all types of element-based damage, although it is vulnerable to physical damage due to its lack of defense. As with any boss in Nereid's Labyrinth, only one member of the party is allowed to challenge a given floor of the dungeon, meaning the chosen character must be able to survive the route to the Living Armor and defeat it solo.

Tales of Symphonia[]

In Tales of Symphonia, the Living Armor is a creature that was bound within the "Book of the Underworld" by other demons trapped there. The Living Armor carries a long sword and fights with both melee attacks and elemental magic, having access to spells like Air Thrust, Atlas, and Earth Bite, all of which are activated without delay. The Living Armor wishes to convert the outside world into Niflheim by exceeding its powers within the book. By changing the rules within the book for its own personal gain, it manipulates outsiders to bind their soul and burn the book.

The "Hell Knight", which is also trapped in the book, was used by the Living Armor to do its bidding, but the Living Armor planned to kill the Hell Knight when the new Niflheim was born. It continues to change the rules further, disallowing the book to be burned. Once the adventurers approach the spirit, it challenges them to fight for the sake of Niflheim. Knowing it will be free from the hearts of humanity, it tends to believe it will be free from the underworld. In the end, it vows that it may die but Niflheim will be reborn.