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Living Dolls (リビングドール ribingudooru?) are beings whose heart cores have been replaced or altered in Tales of the Rays. Due to encoding, this also becomes synonymous with altering someone's Spiria.


Living Dolls were originally envisioned by Princess Mercuria as a way to resurrect people, specifically the fallen citizens of Bifrost, by giving them new bodies. However, she eventually abandons this pursuit after growing closer with some of the victims and their loved ones as well as sharing the emotional pain of it herself. Emperor Demitrius and Glasstin of the Asgard Empire later repurpose the project into creating soldiers to further their plans or brainwash people into fighting in their stead.

The main weakness of Living Dolls is disrupting or expelling the foreign anima within their bodies. Spirit gear is the main method of accomplishing this as various members of Ix Nieves' group use it to defeat them. Furthermore, Somatics or those with similar abilities are required to restore the original cores to their proper places.


Prototype Living Dolls retain their original core but another person's anima resides in their body and controls it. The original's mind is usually suppressed, but they can maintain consciousness and mentally communicate with the new user if permitted. However for the suppressed, there is the risk of their mind being lost forever if left for too long.

Living Doll Alphas (α) are functionally the same as the prototypes, but their cores have been swapped out with another one.

Living Doll Betas (β) have their cores replaced with ones containing an artificial intelligence that Empire scientists created after studying Kunzite. Loyal to Demitrius and Glasstin, they are intelligent enough to command Empire forces, tactically withdraw when in danger, and be suspicious of traitors within their ranks. For each territory within the Empire's control, if they do not have an appropriate nexus or two complicit in their plans, Living Dolls Betas are created from residents of the worlds they are based on and are dispatched to their respective capital.

Living Doll Gammas (γ) are the result of someone unleashing an arte that brainwashes victims into protecting and obeying the user. Defeating those affected in battle is enough to restore their original selves.

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