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Lloyd Irving
Appearance Tales of Symphonia
Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World
Residences Dirk's House
Age •17 (ToS)
•19 (DotNW)
Height •5'8" / 173 cm (ToS)
•5'10" / 178 cm (DotNW)
Weight •128 lbs / 58 kg (ToS)
•139 lbs / 63 kg (DotNW)
Race Human
Occupation Student
Weapon Twin Blades
Japanese Voice Actor Katsuyuki Konishi
English Voice Actor •Scott Menville (ToS)
•Brian Beacock (DotNW)
Character Designer Kousuke Fujishima

Lloyd Irving (ロイド・アーヴィング Roido Aavingu?) is the main protagonist of Tales of Symphonia, the fifth major release in the Tales series. Once a simple country boy, Lloyd is thrust into the outside world following a raid on his village. The Chosen of Regeneration is one of his closest friends, and after being exiled from his hometown of Iselia, Lloyd joins her on the Journey of Regeneration. Although the young warrior himself plays no part in the prophecy, he is still a strong optimist and a fair leader.


Tales of Symphonia[]

World Regeneration[]

At the beginning of the story, Lloyd is asleep during class, but is is abruptly awakened by Raine Sage, his professor and friend. Not long afterward, a bright light emanating from a nearby Chapel shines through the classroom window, indicating that the Oracle has arrived. Raine goes to check the Chapel and instructs the rest of the class, including the Chosen herself, to stay behind and study. Lloyd heads for the Chapel anyway, along with his best friends Colette Brunel and Genis Sage, as they are curious to see what happens when Colette receives the Oracle. Upon their arrival, they encounter a group of Renegades attacking the temple.

The party mistakes them for Desians due to their almost identical appearance, although the Renegades simply brush their accusations off without directly refuting them. Lloyd, Genis, and Colette defeat the Renegades with the help of a mysterious mercenary named Kratos Aurion, who is initially unaware that Lloyd is his son. As such, he tells Lloyd and Genis to go home, believing that they would only get in the way, but the duo nevertheless insist on tagging along. The four proceed to enter the Temple, battling monsters along the way before reaching the top floor, where the Oracle of Cruxis is successfully delivered. The angel Remiel places a Cruxis Crystal on Colette, and the group returns to the village. Knowing that Lloyd's home lies on the other side of the Iselia Forest, Genis asks if he can accompany Lloyd halfway, as he wants to "visit a friend". Lloyd agrees, and the two set out together.

As they pass the Iselia Human Ranch, Genis tells Lloyd that this is his destination. Lloyd protests and tries to stop Genis, who mentions that the Desians already violated their non-aggression treaty with the village after they attacked the Temple. Lloyd reluctantly agrees, and the two visit the ranch. Once there, Genis quickly finds Marble and proceeds to tell her about the Oracle that was conveyed earlier that day. During their conversation, Lloyd notices that Marble has an Exsphere, but that it is also lacking a Key Crest, which is dangerous. He is coerced by Genis into asking his dwarven father Dirk to make one for Marble, to which he reluctantly agrees.

Eventually, the Desian guards notice that Marble has wandered off. Realizing that the boys might be spotted, Marble tells them to flee. Unwilling to allow Marble be punished, Genis and Lloyd climb to the top of a nearby cliff, where they watch the guards beat her. Genis attacks them with his magic, with Lloyd serving as a distraction. As the guards pursue them, Genis trips, and Lloyd is forced to kill the guards in order to save his friend before jumping off a nearby cliff. Unbeknownst to Lloyd and Genis, however, the owner of Iselia ranch, Forcystus, witnesses Lloyd's actions and quickly surmises that he is in possession of an Exsphere before making preparations to invade Iselia the next day. As they escape from the Desians, Genis run back to Iselia, while Lloyd passes through the forest with Noishe and returns home.

When Lloyd asks Dirk to make him a Key Crest, he angrily refuses, stating that Lloyd should not have gone to the ranch. Dirk also reveals that Lloyd's Exsphere once belonged to his mother, and that the Desians killed her in an attempt to retrieve it. Angered by this revelation, Lloyd vows to kill all of the Desians and avenge his mother's death, causing Dirk to attempt to hit Lloyd, who then runs outside. Much to Lloyd's surprise, all of his friends were standing outside, waiting for him. Kratos finds Anna Irving's gravestone at Lloyd's house and immediately realizes that Lloyd is his son, although he keeps this knowledge to himself. Eventually, Lloyd has a private conversation with Colette on his balcony to express his intentions of accompanying her on her journey. In response, Colette deliberately lies about the time of her expected departure out of fear that the journey would be too dangerous for Lloyd. When the conversation is over, Lloyd heads inside and goes to sleep.

The next morning, Lloyd goes outside to speak with Dirk who, citing the first Dwarven vow, gives him the key crest he asked for along with some materials that he would need for his journey. Dirk tells Lloyd that even though he is not his biological father, he still considers Lloyd his son, and that he would always have a home there. Not long afterward, Genis shows up to inform him that Colette and the others had already left. They head back to the village together to speak with Frank and Phaidra, who hand them a letter in which Colette apologizes to Lloyd for lying about their time of departure, thanks him for the many years of friendship, and asks him to live happily in the regenerated world. Lloyd is alarmed by her message, believing that it sounds like a will, to which Frank responds "yes, you could call it that", but before they are allowed to elaborate any further, an explosion is heard outside. Lloyd and Genis leave Colette's house only to find the rest of Iselia in flames.

They soon discover that the Desians are attacking the village in retaliation for Genis and Lloyd's actions the day before at the ranch. They head to the village square to confront Forcystus, whose suspicions about Lloyd are soon proven correct: he does indeed possess an Exsphere, and that it is the Angelus Project sample they had been searching for. Forcystus orders Lloyd to hand it over, but he angrily refuses. Lloyd and Genis are then forced to fight and kill a hideous monster, only to learn that this monster is actually a mutated Marble, whose transformation is the result of her key-crestless Exsphere being removed. The Desians then exit, but not before telling Lloyd that insofar as he possesses that Exsphere, they will continue to hunt him down. After the Desians leave, the mayor of the devastated village, along with the rest of its population, decides to exile Lloyd for provoking the attack. However, Genis insists that he is primarily to blame for the attack and that Lloyd did not do anything wrong.

The mayor then decides to banish both Lloyd and Genis from Iselia. Phaidra and Frank urge the pair to catch up with Colette, believing that the rest of Iselia may change their minds about them if the Chosen's journey is successful. Genis also begins wearing Marble's Exsphere in memory of her, using the key crest that Lloyd had intended to give to Marble. He uses it to augment his magical abilities so that he can fight on par with the rest of the group. Leaving Iselia, they soon reach the desert town of Triet. There are wanted posters of Lloyd all over town, and he is soon discovered by a few Desian guards, although he quickly defeats them. Shortly afterward, the Renegades catch Lloyd off guard and capture him, along with Genis. However, the Renegades decide to let Genis go, deeming him useless.

Lloyd Irving (TotW-ND3)

Lloyd is imprisoned in the Renegade's Sylvarant Base, and escapes using the Sorcerer's Ring. Making his way through the base, he eventually encounters Yuan Ka-Fai. Lloyd and Yuan exchange insults before the latter charges up a spell in an attempt to kill him, but steps down when he sees Lloyd's Exsphere. Recognizing him, he observes that he can "see the resemblance". Shortly afterward, Botta arrives to inform him that the Chosen and her group have infiltrated the base. Realizing that his plans would be ruined if Kratos saw him, he quickly makes his exit and orders Botta to take care of the intruders. After Botta is defeated, the group then makes their way back to Triet where Lloyd repairs a damaged key crest for Raine, allowing her to equip the Exsphere she had found some time ago. The next day, the party heads for the Triet Ruins, where the Fire Seal awaits. As the reach their destination, they battle the guardian of the Fire Seal and release it. Afterward, Remiel appears and gives Colette her wings, along with the Angel Skill Angel Feathers, before instructing them to head for the seal in the East.

The next day, the group heads for the Ossa Trail, where they encounter a mysterious assassin who is trying to kill Colette. As she charges at them, Colette falls and accidentally hits a switch, causing the assassin to plummet through a trap door. As the group makes it to the other end of the trail, they encounter her again and engage in battle. The assassin is defeated and makes her escape, vowing to return. The party soon reaches the small fishing port of Izoold, where they are told that Aifread, a somewhat famous captain, returned to his hometown Luin shortly before they arrived. They then meet a woman name Lyla, who appears to be in a relationship with Aifread and is impatiently waiting for his return. When Lloyd and Genis inform Lyla of Aifread's whereabouts, she runs over to a man named Max and demands that he find Aifread and give him her letter. Max initially refuses, both because of the monsters at sea and also because he has feelings for Lyla and does not want to act as a go-between for his rival in love, but she eventually convinces him to do it after asking Lloyd's group to deliver her letter for him. Max takes them to Palmacosta, where Colette accidentally bumps into some other travelers, breaking a Palma Potion the travelers had been carrying.

Before Lloyd and the apparent leader of the other group begin fighting, one of the travelers states that if the group buys them a new Palma Potion, they can forgive them. Colette agrees, taking the blame for breaking the bottle. The group visits a shop called "Marble's", in which a young woman named Chocolat refuses service to a pair of Desians, telling them that the price they want to pay is too low. The Desians threaten to hurt her, but she says that as long as Governor-General Dorr is with them, they will never give in to the Desians. Although one Desian prepares to take action, the other soldier claims that they have already filled their quota for that year, and that they need permission from Magnius to exceed that quota. The two Desians leave, and almost immediately afterward, Chocolat says goodbye to her mother and leaves for her job at the Church of Martel.

After Colette purchases a replacement Palma Potion, she gives it to the travelers, who then leave the city and head for Hakonesia Peak where they hope to sell a priceless book to the old man living there. Lloyd and his friends then head for the city center, where they see a boy talking to Dorr, the Governor-General in Palmacosta. The party learns that the boy's father was taken to the nearby Human Ranch. Dorr, together with his young daughter Kilia, promises him that he will get his father back. Dorr and Kilia then head back to his office. The party goes to the church to ask the priest if he knows anything about the next seal they must go to in their Journey of Regeneration. He says that the Governor-General has something called the Book of Regeneration, which was written by Spiritua, the last successful Chosen of Sylvarant, when she was on her own journey. With that, they would be able to find the locations of all the seals.

On their way out, they see Chocolat and stop to talk. She apologizes for the scene they saw, and explains that the Desians in Palmacosta had already reached their death quota for that year and, as a result, would not be able to kill anyone else without inciting retaliation from the city's population. She ends the conversation by saying that the Chosen of Regeneration will save them from the Desians. They go to ask the Governor-General if he has the Book of Regeneration. When they are asked why they need it, Genis Sage says that Colette is the Chosen One. In response, Dorr and his assistant Neil order the guards to attack, accusing them of being imposters. However, Colette trips and accidentally reveals her angel wings, thereby convincing Dorr that she is the real Chosen. Dorr orders his guards to stand down, and apologizes by explaining that a group of people had arrived just a few moments earlier and claimed that they were the Chosen's group. Dorr had heard that the Chosen was heading for Palmacosta and assumed that the impostors were real, and gave them the Book of Regeneration. Lloyd instantly realizes that the four travelers they had encountered earlier were the imposters, and the party sets out for Hakonesia Peak in the hopes of confronting them over their actions.

When the party arrives at Hakonesia peak, they ask Koton for the Book of Regeneration. The old man refuses, however, unless they are able to pay him an exorbitant sum of money. Lloyd and Genis loudly object, but the sexist and verbally abusive Koton does not budge. Nevertheless, he takes an instant liking to the females in the group, telling them that if they can get him the Spiritua statue from a nearby House of Salvation, he will let them read it. After the party leaves, they discover from a group of people that the Desians, along with their leader Magnius, are heading for Palmacosta. Lloyd Irving and the others decide to go to the city to learn more about what is happening. When the party returns to Palmacosta, they go to the center of the city only to see that Cacao is about to be executed for Chocolat's opposition against the Desians. As Magnius enters the scene, he gleefully breaks the neck of a citizen because he failed to address him as "Lord Magnius", killing him. As he is about to execute Cacao, however, a little boy throws two rocks at Magnius, angering him enough to leap off the platform to punish him, but before Magnius can harm the boy, Lloyd strikes him with a Demon Fang.

Raine tries to prevent him from making the situation worse, but Lloyd angrily asks how they can go on a quest to regenerate the world if they cannot even save the people standing right in front of them. One of the higher-ranked Desians recognizes him as one of the wanted criminals: Number 0074, Lloyd Irving. Magnius, seeing his chance, commands a Desian mage to attack, but Genis easily deflects the spell. He then angrily orders Cacao's execution, but before she can suffocate, Colette uses her ring to cut the rope, rescuing her. As Magnius is distracted by the ring, Kratos runs forth and slashes Magnius, telling him to respect the wishes of the Chosen. Upon hearing that Colette is the Chosen of Regeneration, the citizens cheer. Raine understands that she will not get Lloyd and Colette to change their minds, and decides to fight alongside them. As Magnius is too wounded to do anything, he warps back to his ranch, and the remaining Desians attack the group. The Desians are defeated, and Lloyd and the others meet up at Cacao's house, where Cacao and Chocolat thank the group for defeating the Desians.

Sometime later, Chocolat is kidnapped by the Desians and taken to the Palmacosta ranch. Lloyd and his friends immediately head for the ranch where they find Dorr's assistant Neil, who asks them not to interfere. Neil explains that Dorr is working with the Desians to lead the Chosen into a trap, and that they are using Chocolat as bait. The group decides to intervene anyway, and Lloyd will either head back to Palmacosta to interrogate Dorr, or immediately attack the ranch. Irrespective of the order of events, it is soon revealed that Dorr is being blackmailed by the Desians into cooperating with them, demanding an unspecified sum of Gald in exchange for a way to remove the "demon seed" from his wife Clara, but unbeknownst to Dorr, this cure does not exist.

Dorr attempts to justify his actions by stressing the futility of resisting the Desians, as well as his belief that the citizens of Palmacosta are content with his way of doing things. This only manages to anger Lloyd, who calls him a "worthless jerk who could not give up his social status even for his own wife". Not long afterward, Kilia stabs her "father" in the back before revealing that she is actually a servant of Pronyma sent to monitor Magnius's activities, and that Dorr's real daughter is dead. The party fights and defeats "Kilia", who releases Clara from her cell so that she may go on a destructive rampage throughout Sylvarant, before passing away. Dorr soon regains consciousness, and although he is aware that the Kilia who stabbed him was an impostor, he does not know if his real daughter is still alive. Raine tries to heal Dorr, but is unsuccessful. Lloyd takes pity on Dorr and tells him that his real daughter is still alive, and before passing away, Dorr begs the party to save Chocolat and gives them the passcode to the Palmacosta ranch.

Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World[]

DotNW Opening Lloyd

Opening still from Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World.

Lloyd returns in the sequel as a playable character. After he reunited the two worlds with his friends, he began to search for the remaining Exspheres: his goal was to prevent them from creating further victims. Lloyd has been showered with both praise and hatred from the people of the world, some of whom rejoice his actions and some of whom condemn them. The Church of Martel has proclaimed that Lloyd was responsible for the Blood Purge of Palmacosta half a year prior to the beginning of the sequel. Unlike the other Symphonia characters, Lloyd does not carry his original strongest weapon from the first game instead he gets a new set of dual swords called "Gagnrad".

World in Discord[]

Lloyd is first met at the Tower of Mana's underground cave, after Emil Castagnier helps Richter Abend. While Richter was chasing Marta Lualdi to Lumen's altar, they met up with Lloyd, who defeated Richter. When Emil arrives at the altar, he sees Lloyd fighting Marta. As Lloyd senses Emil's presence, Emil asks Lloyd why he killed his parents and the people in Palmacosta. Lloyd does not answer, and instead mumbles Palmacosta's name. Afterward, Emil challenges him in battle, along with Marta and two monsters. After the battle, the new heroes are knocked out, and Lloyd retrieves Lumen's core.

Footfalls of Tomorrow[]

At Iselia, Raine Sage tells Emil and Marta what Lloyd did after the world was restored. It appears that when he came back to Iselia, he heard that a boy named Paul became fatherless after the Desians attacked the village when he and Genis Sage broke the treaty. When he heard this, he began going to Paul's house often when visiting Iselia in order to cheer him up. However, his mood never improved, so one day, Lloyd proposed to Paul's mother, Lilia. He thought that by doing that, he could become a new father figure for Paul. When Lilia found out, she threw a tomato at Lloyd, and short time afterward, they all threw tomatoes at each other, finally bringing up a smile to both Paul and Lilia's faces. After that, Paul became Lloyd's number one fan, and now wants to be just as strong and cool as him.

It is not until the events in the Triet Ruins that Lloyd shows up again. Depending on time used to come to the altar of Ignis, Lloyd may or may not take the core from the party. When there, Genis asks Lloyd if the rumors that he attacked Palmacosta are true. Lloyd does not say anything, but threatens them that if they will not give him the Centurion's core, he will not hesitate to take it by force. Before a fight occurs, however, they hear a monster's roar. Lloyd realizes that it will attack soon, so he turns around to leave. Emil then changes into "Ratatosk Mode", and attacks him. The latter just takes up one of his sword to stop the attack, and after saying that Emil still has much to learn, he hits the boy's head and runs off.

Light and Darkness[]

When Emil, Marta, Tenebrae, and Regal Bryant arrive in Flanoir, they are shocked to see that it has been attacked. One man says that Lloyd did it before he dies, something Regal can not believe. While they go around to help the injured people, Lloyd runs out of a house. Regal tries to confront Lloyd about the attack, but again Lloyd ignores one of his closest companions. Emil once again turns into "Ratatosk Mode", but Lloyd blocks his attack again before he leaves. After that, Regal changes from his fine clothes into his old prisoner clothes again to show Lloyd that he will go through the shame once again for his dear friend.

Truth Behind the Mask[]

The truth about Lloyd is revealed in the Vanguard's headquarters, where Emil, Marta, Tenebrae, and Zelos Wilder find two Lloyds fighting each other. When they see the group, the fake Lloyd tells them about his trust in them, and how justice will help them. It is revealed that the one who caused the Blood Purge in Palmacosta and attacked Flanoir was in fact Decus, who uses Solum's core's abilities to shapeshift into Lloyd and give him the blame for all the chaos. Upon leaving the headquarters after saving Seles Wilder, Lloyd turns and commands Emil to give him the Centurions' cores they have collected so far. However, after hearing his old friends, Lloyd leaves on his Rheaird.

Reawakened Memories[]

Lloyd appears at the Temple of Lightning seeking the Centurion's core there. After seeing the party, he runs to the top of the tower. Based if the player was hit by lightning more than fifteen times Lloyd could up with the core. If not the player gets the core and Lloyd will not appear. If the player is too late and Lloyd gets the core Ratatosk will try to attack Lloyd, but Lloyd will tell him not to and this will cause Emil to get hit by the lightning in the temple, then causes Lloyd to leave while the party faces the boss battle.

Eternal Bond[]

It is not until the invasion in Altamira that Lloyd reappears to save Regal from the Vanguard. After the battle against Brute, Alice helps Decus to escape, but Lloyd follows them, though is confronted by Richter. The latter manages to weaken Lloyd and knock out some others in the party by using the power from the demonic realm. However, when Richter tries to kill Marta and Emil, Lloyd fights him again, and since Richter can not use the demon power for long, he is almost defeated by Lloyd before he manages to escape with Alice. After this, Lloyd is met at the Lezareno Company headquarters and apologizes for his weird behavior, and tells Emil to go to the World Tree to talk to the tree's guardian. At the World Tree, Lloyd and Yuan Ka-Fai tell the group that all along, Lloyd has been searching for the Centurions' cores by the order of Martel, the spirit of the new World Tree. They explain that they had to stop the Centurions' cores and Ratatosk from awakening, until Lloyd decided to try to trust Ratatosk instead. After a long talk about Emil being Ratatosk and who he really is, Lloyd finally joins the team.

Lloyd's Soulmate[]

Before going to the Otherworldly Gate, one side quest mainly focuses on Lloyd clearing his name. First the party must return to Iselia and listen to Lloyd tell his story of what he did during the past two years. Upon listening, Emil must pick any of the seven party members from the Symphonia, and that member will be the soulmate Lloyd chose in the original story. Afterward, the party goes to Flanoir and triggers a scene where a man who witnessed a Lloyd-looking Decus kill his sister hits Lloyd for revenge. After the scene, Lloyd says that it is his fault for not telling anybody his side of the story, and goes to the balcony to think. When the party goes to the balcony, the person Emil picked will come and talk to Lloyd. If the choice was a female, he will declare his love for that person, but if it was a male, he will show his gratitude for being that person's friend.

Appearance and Personality[]

Lloyd Status (ToS)

Status image in Tales of Symphonia.

Lloyd has brown eyes along with spiky brown hair. He wears a long-sleeved red shirt with multiple metallic dots at the front, and black jeans, which are held up by suspenders. At the collar of his shirt, a long white fabric is fitted in the front of the collar and hangs from both sides of the collar. Lloyd wears matching red gloves and at his right glove, his Exsphere rests there. He also wears two belts around his waist, from which the sheaths of his swords hang. Finally, Lloyd's footwear consists of matching boots which is patterned with small metallic plates.

Because he lives in an area that has a peace treaty with the Desians, Lloyd never actually understands how people are suffering at the hands of the organization. This causes him to be rather naive and short-tempered. He tends to make very rash decisions, regardless of what consequences his actions may have, claiming he is doing it for Colette. However, when it all ends wrong, he realizes his mistakes and attempts to repent for them. Under the guide of Kratos, he eventually matures through the journey, having witnessed people truly suffer. When he understands that people have to be sacrificed everywhere for the sake of others, Lloyd decides to stop "clinging to the Chosen", as Kratos describes it, and fight with his own strength and new ideals. What he wants is a world without sacrifices.

Lloyd uses skill and logic to make up for what he lacks in knowledge, which is often a joke throughout the series as he fails to answer various educational questions. He is generally idealistic, and tries to do what he believes is best for the worlds of Sylvarant and Tethe'alla. As the story progresses, Kratos compares Lloyd to Mithos, saying the only difference between them is that Lloyd is capable of acknowledging his own mistakes. Another character named Tiga also compares Lloyd to Mithos by saying he is idealistic and very dearly wants to save both worlds, but Lloyd denies that he is like Mithos and claims he does not want to save the worlds through Mithos's methods, but in his own way without sacrifices and with the help of his friends.

Fighting Style[]

Lloyd Cut-in (ToS-PS2)

Cut-in for Tales of Symphonia (PS2).

Lloyd Cut-in (ToS-PS3)

Cut-in for Tales of Symphonia (PS3).

Lloyd is the first character in the Tales series to use twin blades, a sword in each hand. As such, Lloyd focuses on dealing melee physical damage, with concentrations in speed and combo building. Attacks such as Sonic Thrust and Sword Rain reflect his faster movements during battle, while sacrificing his damage output and durability, especially when compared to Presea Combatir. Like most swordsmen, his only ranged capabilities involve Demon Fang and related artes.

In Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World, Lloyd's arteset is set on the Technical branch. Additionally, he can use Blazing Tempest and Rising Phoenix as separate artes instead of altered artes. Lloyd's Technical arte branch is the arte set he uses in most of the Crossover Titles, except Tales of the Heroes: Twin Brave, in which he uses the Strike arte branch.

Other Appearances[]

Tales of Hearts[]

Lloyd makes a cameo appearance in Tales of Hearts as a support arte that characters can perform, where he appears and attacks an enemy, similar to a Summon Spirit when summoned. In order to get him as a support arte, the player needs to race a boy in Sharurou City of Lakesand, complete his Spir Maze and obtain the Deep Red Boots. When Lloyd is summoned, he uses Kogarenzan on the enemy.

Tales of the World: Narikiri Dungeon 3[]

Lloyd appears Tales of the World: Narikiri Dungeon 3 as a playable character along with the other Symphonia characters. When meeting the heroes, Julio Sven and Caro Orange, for the first time, he and Colette are being controlled by Thanatos, forcing them to fight them.

Tales of Fandom Vol.2[]

Lloyd appears in the second volume of Tales of Fandom with the other Symphonia characters. He and the rest of the cast find items that make them remember certain things. He tries to talk to Kratos as if they are family, but fails. However, he is curious to hear Kratos's story, and also defends him when Zelos insults him. When they meet the other characters from Tales of Phantasia and Tales of the Abyss, he struggles to find out what family name he is going to use when naming his fighting style, since his father's surname is Aurion, while the surname he uses is Irving. When he is separated with Cress Albane from Tales of Phantasia and Luke fon Fabre from Tales of the Abyss, he first sees them as enemies, but when they become friends, they come with some kind of joke which Lloyd does not understand. Later on, they together defeat Efreet, the Summon Spirit of Fire.

Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology[]

Lloyd appears in Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology as a playable character, a member of the Swordsman class with the Apprentice Swordsman title. When the Protagonist accepts a mission from Kratos to look for Lloyd in Hallowed Bastion, he and Mormo find Lloyd, who accuses them for being spies from Ganser and fights them. After the battle, Kratos appears, revealing that it was a test both for the Descenders and for Lloyd. As the heroes succeed the test, they become official members of Ad Libitum but Lloyd is furious that Kratos was testing him without telling. He will also report to Kratos that he heard a couple of guards speak about a place called Orphic Maze and they return to discuss it further.

Lloyd is the only character that has the two-swords ability and his weapon in this game is the Material Blade, which was a set of weapons given to him by Kratos and Dirk in the original game. The interesting topic is that it does not seem like anybody in the game knows the relationship between Lloyd and Kratos, except Kratos himself. It is also revealed in a skit that he has a unrequited crush on Raine after being pressured by Chester Burklight. Most of the time, he is seen talking to Reid from Tales of Eternia since they have things in common, as both their fighting styles are self-made. He is also often talking or arguing with Kratos, and frequently talks about him with the player and Mormo.

Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2[]

Lloyd Cut-in (TotW-RM2)

Cut-in image for Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2.

Lloyd appears as a playable character in Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2. He is no longer the only person with the dual-swordsman style, however, as he has been joined by Spada Belforma from Tales of Innocence, as well as an added job class for the player called the Dual Swordman. He joins Ad Libitum along with fellow Symphonia characters Raine, Zelos, and Colette. Later in the game, Lloyd, Kratos, Genis, and Cress are sent out by Raine to find more information on Janis Kern. After returning to the ship, Lloyd plays no important role in the story. After Goede is finally defeated, Lloyd is seen with the other Symphonia cast on the Van Eltia looking at the mana spreading across the world. The dual swords Lloyd uses throughout the game are the Material Blade.

Tales of VS.[]

Lloyd Status (ToVS)

Status image in Tales of VS.

Lloyd Cut-in (ToVS)

Cut-in for Tales of VS.

Lloyd makes an appearance in the Escort Title Tales of VS., as a playable character. In his story mode he is paired up with Colette. Lloyd is from the Kingdom of Heidr who entered to the Yggdrasil Battle to make his master proud of him. Lloyd in this game is the disciple of Cress and is the default selection when the story mode is selected. His ultimate weapon in this game is the Material Blade.

Tales of the Heroes: Twin Brave[]

Lloyd appears as a playable character after completing Veigue Lungberg's serious scenario. In his serious scenario, he is a swordsman tasked as a bodyguard to protect Zelos as he travels to the World Tree. Through the journey, he manages to put up with the trouble Zelos causes during their journey. However, when they reached the World Tree, Zelos reveals his intentions that he wishes to destroy the World Tree. Lloyd doesn't believe that he wants to destroy the World Tree and is forced to fight him, trying to find out the real reason.

After their battle, Jude and Milla appear and apprehend Zelos for attempting to harm the World Tree. Yet, Lloyd pursues them and rescues Zelos. As they made their escape, Lloyd manages to convince Zelos that he is his comrade and puts his trust in him. Following Zelos to the World Tree, they fought against Schwartz, the darkness of the World Tree. After defeating her, the mana is revived. Lloyd says that mankind needs to change so that they will not rely on the World Tree and continues to cooperate with Zelos.

In the comical scenario, Lloyd assists Zelos in getting a main character role for him. During the battle against the main characters, Lloyd leaves the battle to Zelos. After his failures, Zelos decides let Lloyd take a break from accompanying him through his journey.

Tales of Link[]

Lloyd Irving (ToLink)

Artwork for Tales of Link.

Lloyd appears in the game as a member of Liard-Bell, an adventurer's guild. According to Ryuka and Sara, he is one of the guild's best members. He encounters the Savior, Lippy, Sara, and Ryuka while on a delivery mission to Deijil, Ryuka's hometown. Upon learning from them that Deijil is under attack by monsters, he offers to help them. Shortly before reaching the town, he agrees to offer Ryuka some sword lessons. While training him, Lloyd tells Ryuka that, despite being skilled with a sword, he is too focused on wanting to defeat his enemies. He tells Ryuka that the only way to become stronger is to focus on why he is fighting and who he wishes to protect.

Upon reaching Deijil, Lloyd and the others defeat most of the monsters in the town before chasing after the monsters' leader when it runs off into the Riede Forest. After catching up to the leader, they discover that it is actually a person that had been transformed into a wolf monster and a ruinator after being possessed by a seed of ruin. After purifying the seed of ruin and restoring the ruinator to his normal form, Lloyd leaves the Savior's group to return to his guild. Before leaving, he promises that he will inform them if his guild receives any requests related to the seeds of ruin.

Tales of Asteria[]

Star Fragments[]

In Tales of Asteria, Lloyd goes on a journey alongside Colette and Rita Mordio, looking for a Star Fragment in various ruins.

Echoes of Paradise[]

In the fourth arc, Lloyd's memories and identity is altered. Now known as Fang (ファング Fangu?), he serves Holy Empress Lazaris of Entelestia, as one of the three elite members of the White Lion. In a decisive battle, Colette and Mikleo fight Fang, and succeed in restoring his memories as Lloyd.

The alter ego later received in Tales of the Rays a different fighting style and arteset to separate the two characters.

Tales of the Rays[]

Lloyd Cut-in (TotR) SG

Cut-in image for Tales of the Rays, spirit gear attire.

Lloyd appears as one of the nexuses created by Phantom's unsanctioned exoflection of Aselia. He soon encounters Ix Nieves and Mileena Weiss, who explain the situation, but the jargon is lost on the boy. At least able to understand that they need his help, Lloyd asks that they first help quell the chaos being caused by the rampaging Giant Kharlan Tree. After rescuing civilians and dealing with the Salvation Front, the group tracks down the problem’s source to the shimmera glass where different anima types are converging and poisoning the Tree. When Ix succeeds in separating the energy flow but fails to return from venturing inside, Lloyd hurriedly jumps in and manages to pull him back out. Saying that he only did what any friend would do, Lloyd resolves to help Ix and Mileena in their quest to save Tir Na Nog.

Lloyd eventually takes a more active role when Mithos arrives at the party’s hideout seeking help in rescuing Martel from the Asgard Empire. When the half-elf quietly slips away during discussions, Lloyd follows him alone and attempts to convince him to use his new life in Tir Na Nog to atone for his actions. The boy angrily rejects Lloyd and challenges him to settle their differences. Lloyd emerges victorious and once again offers his opponent a second chance. Recognizing Lloyd’s strength and ideals as the path he strayed from, Mithos relents and entrusts Lloyd with his faith in stopping the Empire.

Later when Kratos falls into critical condition and refuses any treatment, Lloyd accompanies Kor into the mercenary’s spiria nexus. Unable to accept Kratos’ death wish and being denied the chance to know his father, Lloyd challenges the former hero of the Ancient War. After defeating him, Lloyd declares all that remains now is the mercenary who accompanied the group on their journey. With the others urging him to start over, Kratos regains his will to live and makes a full recovery. Although there is still some distance between them, the two slowly work towards mending their relationship.

Tales of Crestoria[]

Lloyd Cut-in (ToCrestoria)

Cut-in image for Tales of Crestoria.

In Tales of Crestoria, Lloyd was found outside the Village of Keepers when he was three by the chief, Lutesse, who raised him alongside Colette Brunel. When Colette was to begin her journey to tune the Great Trees as the Chosen, Lloyd won a tournament to prove his strength as Colette's escort and he won. Despite the other competitors making excuses against Lloyd and Genis Sage, Colette's other new escort, Lutesse pointed out that they won fair and square. After tuning the Great Pasca Tree near the village, the three started their journey to the Great Earhart Tree.

Sweet Lies and Bitter Truths[]

The three are first seen in Centerport alongside the newcomer Arche Klein. Arche wants to attend the drama festival that is soon to happen there, and Colette and Lloyd agree that it should be fun. However, Genis reminds them that their ship will soon set sail and drags Lloyd and Arche away, with Colette following behind.

Soulcalibur Legends[]

Lloyd appears in the Nintendo Wii game Soulcalibur Legends as a guest character. His role in the story is significant, as he obtains information on the location of certain pieces of a map that reveals the location of Cervantes de León's ship. He claims to have traveled to this world because he is searching for Exspheres and that Soul Edge may be this world's Exsphere. His battle skills include many artes from his original incarnation, such as Grave Blade, Lightning Thrust, and Falcon's Crest.


Chibi Lloyd
  • In Tales of the Abyss, Lloyd's costume can be seen in Nam Cobanda Isle with the description "Main character costume for A Tales of Two Worlds", in reference to the two worlds of Tales of Symphonia and paralleled with the novel A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens.
  • Lloyd's outfit appears as a DLC costume for Karol in Tales of Vesperia, allowing the latter to learn Blazing Tempest as a altered arte.
    • A costume based on Lloyd is available in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U for the game's Mii Swordfighter, one of three customizable avatars players can edit for their own personal enjoyment. Due to the Swordfighter being limited to only using one sword, as opposed to two, the Lloyd costume features him only using one of his two swords. However, his other sword is shown remaining sheathed in its scabbard on the costume model. Nintendo also released an official QR code for those who wish to have the exact Mii used in the costume's advertising.