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Loni Dunamis
Loni Dunamis (ToD2)
Appearance Tales of Destiny 2
Hometown Cresta
Age 23
Height 5'11" / 180 cm
Weight 165 lbs / 75 kg
Race Er'ther
Occupation Member of the Order of Atamoni
Weapon Polearm
Japanese Voice Actor Toshihiko Seki
Character Designer Mutsumi Inomata

Loni Dunamis (ロニ・デュナミス Roni Dyunamisu?) is a protagonist in Tales of Destiny 2. He acts as a big brother to Kyle Dunamis, and is a generally laid back with a few hot streaks. He is a member of the Order of Atamoni and wields a poleaxe in battle. He also embodies the "pervert" persona, although he has a high standard for the girls he woos.


Vow in the Past[]

Loni is a boy orphaned in the Dunamis Orphanage in Cresta, funded by the heroes of Tales of Destiny, Rutee Katrea and Stahn Aileron. He is a close friend to the heroes' son, Kyle, and also idolizes Stahn for his feats to save the world years ago. The happy life in the orphanage ends when a mysterious man, Barbatos Goetia, visits the orphanage. While protecting Kyle, Loni ends up being taken as a hostage as Barbatos uses him to make Stahn and Rutee drop their weapons. Barbatos quickly kills Stahn and wounds Rutee as she tells Loni to take Kyle into a safe spot.

Since that day, Kyle keeps thinking that Stahn goes on a journey and has yet to return. Loni and Rutee know the truth and decide to keep it away from Kyle for his own good. Loni, however, is heavily crushed to witness his idol perish in order to ensure his safety. From that point on, he vows to become strong and protect Kyle, in order to repay Stahn for his kindness so far. Shortly, he begins training himself and later joins the Order of Atamoni, quickly becoming a respected soldier, although not very famous. He occasionally visits the orphanage, bringing presents to the kids.

Journey to Battle God[]

Years later, Loni receives a mission about a discovery of a Lens that could cost a million Gald. He goes back home to Cresta, saving Kyle from a bear on the way, and tells him about the mission. In the next day, before Loni leaves, Kyle manages to sneak away from his mother and join Loni. They head to the site where the Lens is found, the Laguna Ruins. Upon reaching the Lens, however, it vanishes and a girl emerged from the Lens, looking for a hero. Kyle is eager to declare that he is her hero, but she brushes him off. Members of the Order of Atamoni arrive to the scene and witnesses that the Lens is gone. Kyle and Loni are accused of theft and are taken to the prison in Darilsheid.

In the prison, both of them escape with the help of a masked fencer called Judas. He leaves them after getting them out. Returning to Dunamis Orphanage, Rutee is furious on how Kyle get into such danger. But in the next day, she gives him permission to go on a journey, assisted with Loni. They journey to Aigrette where they witnesses the Holy Woman Elrane performing a miracle. When they pay a visit to Philia Felice, who is also visited by the girl from the Lens, they find her under attack by Barbatos. With the timely interference of Judas, they drive Barbatos away. After tending to Philia's wounds, the girl joins them in their journey, revealing herself as Reala. Judas also ends up tagging along. Their journey eventually take them to the land of Phandaria, where they meet King Garr Kelvin. However, in a day after, the castle is under attack and the group sees Barbatos wounding Garr, and Elrane is revealed as the mastermind behind Barbatos. She sends the group to the future.

Loni ends up in a town in the Calvalese region called Hope Town, along with Judas. They befriended with an attractive girl called Nanaly Fletcher, though Loni constantly bickers with her. He also mentions about Kyle and Reala, and later, when Nanaly returns from a journey from Aigrette, she brings Kyle and Reala along. They discuss on getting back to their timeline, and on Nanaly's hint that a giant Lens is being taken to the Holy Capital of Kalviola, the group decide to get there. However, they find out that the Lens are not there and met the goddess Fortuna. She reveals Reala's identity and sends the group back to the present.

Unknown to them, Nanaly is dragged along and insists of staying with them. Loni continues to accompany Kyle, keeping him off from troubles. Their enemy is now Elrane and they are to stop her for gathering enough Lens for her ambitions. However, they end up in a parallel world where history flows as Elrane wished it to be. The group is even more shocked when Elrane reveals Judas's identity as Leon Magnus. Afterward, they are sent to a dream world. Loni ends up in the same dream as Kyle, where he once again witnesses Stahn's death. He then reveals everything to Kyle and apologizes that it was his fault that Kyle's father died. But instead, Kyle is thankful on Loni about protecting him from danger constantly. Loni renews his vow to protect Kyle afterward.

The group is sent to Nanaly's dream world where they find out that her little brother Lou was never dead at all. However, when Loni learns that Nanaly is getting goosebumps when approaching the graveyard, he knows that she is just running away from reality. He drags her to the graveyard and makes her see the grave of her brother. Loni insists that she is supposed to be stronger than this and will never choose a fake dream to run away from the harsh reality. Eventually his persistence pays off and Nanaly says good bye to her brother, who vanishes away and she then cries on Loni's shoulder. The group is then sent to Judas's dream world, where they reaffirm that they do not care about his past as the traitor Leon Magnus, which causes him to go back to the group.

Loni Dunamis (ToCE)

Artwork for Tales of Card Evolve.

They are later sent to the past timeline during the last stages of the Aeth'er Wars. Joined with Harold Berselius, they make attempts to stop Elrane and Barbatos to ruin their history. They are eventually transported into the timeline when Stahn saves the world and once again helps the heroes so Elrane would not have her way in that timeline as well. After the events there, they are transferred back to the real world. In the present time, apparently the battle is not over. They track down Elrane in Nanaly's timeline and eventually she reveals that she is doing this to revive Fortuna. And killing Fortuna would mean killing her other daughter, Reala. As she attempts to escape, Loni attempts to stop her, accompanied with Nanaly. But both of them were struck back. The group asks the surviving heroes, Garr, Philia, and Rutee for advice.

While Harold repairs the airplane for the final battle, Loni notices that Nanaly is taking interest to the Dunamis Orphanage. He then proceeds to show her the Orphanage in more details. The next day, Elrane's prophesied God's Egg descends and the group heads there, defeating both Elrane and Fortuna, but also with the cost of Reala's life. With Fortuna defeated, history begins to fix itself and the group will be returned to their timeline as if their journey never happened at all. Loni was a bit sad to see Nanaly go. When it comes to his turn to return, he states that Kyle is now strong enough to survive without his protection.

New Life[]

With the new timeline, Loni's life is not heavily altered, except for the fact Stahn still lives. However, he still joins the Order of Atamoni to protect the orphanage children. Kyle later requests to go on a journey with Loni, in which they head off to Laguna Ruins once more. When Kyle feels like something is calling him from the inside, Loni chooses to stay behind and waits for Kyle. He does not know, that due to Kyle's strong heart, Reala is revived in the timeline and Kyle will return bringing her along.

Appearance and Personality[]

Loni Status (ToD2)

Status image in Tales of Destiny 2.

Loni is a tall, handsome man with tanned skin and silver hair and eyes. He wears a sleeveless white top that buckles in the front and cuts off above his stomach. The blue sides of the top correspond with his long gloves and a portion of his white boots. He wears thin black pants and wields a poleaxe in battle. In contrast to Kyle's relative shyness, Loni is more forward in his passion, often thwarting Kyle's hesitation with encouraging words. Despite his constant chatter about beautiful women and eventually marrying one, he also offers useful insight on the matters at hand, or the world in general, having experienced far more than Kyle has.

This experience causes Kyle to look up to Loni in the sibling-like fashion Rutee intended for the children of her orphanage. However, Loni also burdens himself with guilt over the death of Kyle's father, Stahn. Despite not being directly responsible for the event, Loni considers his "weakness" at the time, when he was just a child, as a reason for Stahn's death, when Barbatos storms the orphanage and kills him. While Kyle believes Stahn to be away on a long journey, Loni knows the truth and is tormented by the past because of it.

As a result, he enables himself to protect in any way possible, taking on the responsibility left behind by Stahn. Loni manages to play the big brother role for many other children in the orphanage as well, himself being one of the oldest. Although he is fascinated by beautiful women and humble in their presence, he finds himself thwarted by Nanaly's bold demeanor, initially acting quite cold to her. This hostility eventually dissipates over time, and the two manage to build a trust that fully blossoms by the end of the story.

Fighting Style[]

Loni Cut-in (ToD2)

Cut-in image for Tales of Destiny 2 (PS2).

Loni Cut-in (ToD2)

Cut-in image for Tales of Destiny 2 (PSP).

Loni fights using a poleaxe, his stance having him hold it above his head. His attacks are close-ranged, but have low accuracy, making him primarily better suited to close combat. His strike artes are non-elemental, especially all of his arcane and mystic artes.

Loni is also capable of casting with Water-, Earth-, Light-, and Dark-elemental novice magic artes, and intermediate magic artes of the latter two elements. He also has one healing arte, Heal. In practice though, he is not proficient with any of them, as his spells take more time to charge than the other characters.

Other Appearances[]

Tales of Hearts[]

Loni appears as a support arte in Tales of Hearts. He can only be summoned if the player has obtained the "Azure Scarf". When Loni is summoned, he uses either Kuuha Tokkoudan, Spiral Driver or Final Prayer on the enemy.



Chibi Loni

Chibi artwork.

  • It is revealed in a skit that Loni is terrified of ghosts.
  • In one of the skits in the new future, after visiting Hope Town, Loni finds himself mysteriously attracted to nine year-old Nanaly, saying he cannot get her name out of his mind. He finds this "mysterious" since he only mostly gets attracted to older women, claiming they are "sexier".
  • Loni makes a cameo in the remake versions of Tales of Destiny as a child at the orphanage in Cresta.
  • The poleaxe Loni uses appears in Tales of the Abyss as the Baticul Advanced Coliseum Single Battle reward for Jade Curtiss, and is also referenced to Loni via the weapon's name, "Dunamis".
  • Loni's outfit appears as a legacy costume for Spada Belforma in Tales of Innocence R.