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Lorelei (TotA)
Appearance Tales of the Abyss
Race Aggregate Sentience
Japanese Voice Actor Osamu Hosoi

Lorelei (ローレライ Roorerai?) plays a heavy, yet mostly unseen role in Tales of the Abyss. It is the aggregate sentience of the Seventh Fonon, the fonon of Sound.



Before the events of the story, in B.D. 2695, Professor Southern-Cross discovered the Seventh Fonon in Auldrant's atmosphere. By the year B.D. 2699, a devastating war broke out throughout the world over the power of the Seventh Fonon, which served as a means of reading the planet's memory to determine the future. This war featured the use of recent advancements in fonic weaponry that brought disastrous effect upon the planet. As a result, these devices disrupted the Planet Storm within the planet's core, creating vibrations within the core that caused the ground to shift and liquefy, and eventually leading to the release of miasma from below the planet's surface. Yulia Jue, at age 14, formed a pact with Lorelei in order to use its power in order to save the planet. Her pact with Lorelei is held through the Grand Fonic Hymn. With the help of Lorelei, Yulia was able to restore the Kingdom of Hod. She then created the Key of Lorelei to hold the power of Lorelei, using it to rebuild the Planet Storm. After completing this task, Yulia left the key to float within the planet's core.

Role in the Plot[]

Since Lorelei represents Yulia's Score, a prophecy which seems to controls humanity, Dorian General Van Grants, alongside the six God-Generals, vows to destroy Lorelei as a mean to free humanity from the Score. Since Lorelei, the collective consciousness of the Seventh Fonon, is the source of the Score, they secretly plan to destroy Lorelei and free the world from the Score by replicating Aludrant with fomicry. In an attempt to free itself from the core of Auldrant, Lorelei was trapped inside Van Grants. Contacting both Luke fon Fabre and Asch, Lorelei sent each a part of the Key of Lorelei, and told them to use it to set itself free. Once Van is defeated, Lorelei ascends and becomes the seventh fon belt in the sky.

Lorelei makes a major appearance when the party uses the Tartarus to travel to the core in order to stop its vibration. After Sync is defeated and the recreation of the fonic glyph is complete, Lorelei temporarily controls the consciousness of Tear Grants to communicate with Luke. Lorelei states that something enormous is absorbing its power, which is causing the Sephiroth Trees to go out of control. After defeating Van at the Absorption Gate and performing the lowering procedure for the Outer Lands to descend into the Qliphoth, Luke and Ash hear Lorelei's voice say that it will send them the key, and that "one who would seize glory" is trying to capture it, referring to Van.

After meeting Asch on the Sephiroth located on Mt. Roneal, he states that Lorelei is trapped somewhere. If Lorelei, the collective consciousness of the Seventh Fonon, is trapped, the total volume of Seventh Fonons in the world will decrease drastically. The Planet Storm will then increase in strength to make up the difference, leading to the core's vibration growing worse, and finally leading to the destruction of the Tartarus, which maintains the core's stability. The longer Lorelei stays in the core, the worse its effect on the planet becomes. When the party returns to the Absorption Gate to stop the Planet Storm, the remaining God-Generals are there with Van, who supposedly fell into the core and died. Van reveals that after arriving in the core, his fonons began to dissipate due to the Planet Storm. However, he was able to survive by singing the Fonic Hymns, using Lorelei's healing power to recover, and seal Lorelei within his body.

Other Appearances[]

Tales of the Rays[]

In Tales of the Rays, due to Van's exoflection, Lorelei is converted into a spirit. Thanks to Claus F. Lester's research, he is able to create spirit gears for Luke and Asch. Because of encoding, Lorelei has association with at least two elements, Fire and Light, currently the only spirit-encoded being with such powers.


  • Lorelei is a rock on the eastern bank of the Rhine in Germany. The name derives from old German words, translating to "murmuring rock". The water in the area of this rock once created a murmuring sound, and this combined with the special echo the rock produces to act as an amplifier. This relates to Lorelei's role in the story as the aggregate sentience of the Seventh Fonon.
  • Lorelei shares the same fonon frequency as both Luke and Asch. Said fonon frequency is the same as the mathematical term pi, which is roughly 3.14159265, and thus, is infinite.