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Luche Klein
Luche Sprite (ToP PSX)
Appearance Tales of Phantasia
Residences Elf Colony
Race Elf
Japanese Voice Actor Mami Horikoshi

Luche Klein (ルーチェ・クライン Ruuche Kurain?, "Luche Klaine"), originally localized as Luti Klein in the Game Boy Advance release, is a minor character in Tales of Phantasia. She is a full-blooded elf, the mother of Arche Klein, and the wife of Bart Klein, a human. She currently lives in the Elf Colony.


Luche and Bart once experienced a loving relationship that was generally smiled upon by both races. This intimacy resulted in the birth of Arche. However, the elven race soon developed a great animosity toward humans and choose to isolate themselves in Ymir Forest and form an Elf Colony. Not all elves agreed with this isolation, but it eventually became mandatory. The elves forcefully ended Luche and Bart's union by taking Luche away. Luche requested that Bart hide the truth of their separation, so Bart led Arche to believe that her mother had passed away.

In the Elf Colony, Luche is the inn's proprietress. In the past, Arche sneaks into the Elf Colony, is caught, and sentenced to death. Luche comes and offers herself as prisoner in exchange for Arche's freedom. She desperately apologizes to Arche, and Arche realizes that Luche is her mother, but the elves take Luche away before they can speak. In the future, Luche continues to manage the inn. Upon visiting her, she secretly gives the party the Star Broom and Mother's Mittens items, some of Arche's strongest equipment. At the end of the story, Luche exits the Elf Colony into Ymir Forest and embraces Arche.